We are Deepser.

We are project managers with development experience, and developers with multilingual skills. Two souls in constant communication. We are proud to be Italian and we developed Deepser 100% in Italy, the strength of a true Made in Italy product.

We are speed, clarity and precision, both with the product and our clients. We provide answers only after listening to our clients’ needs. We are a company, a product, a philosophy and a team. Different skills with a unique vision.


Our ambition is for Deepser to become an industry standard: the top tool for any company to better manage and organize their work.

Our vision is not a dream, but a concrete project we work on every single day: thanks to gathering constant client feedback and thanks to a system of continuous innovation.

Our goal is to create a platform where products are all interconnected and fully customizable. A place where the entire business organization can engage, including managers, technicians and operators.


Our daily goal is to take business service management to the highest level by digitizing every operation. To anticipate trends to offer companies the ideal solutions to cope with change. Fostering know-how sharing to grow together with our clients.

Every day, we are dedicated to standardizing and automating business services, offering an increasingly intuitive user experience.

This is a challenge aimed at simplifying work and speeding up every procedure.

One of our priorities is the customization of Deepser, in order to give developers of client companies the opportunity to contribute with their expertise to make the platform absolutely unique.


Our design starts from a comprehensive analysis of business needs. We develop solutions based on business objectives, with an open mind, without stopping at technological constraints. Barriers are made to be overcomed.

At Deepser, we adopted several programming languages that enable us to achieve optimal results. This is the best demonstration of how for us technology is a means and not the end of our actions.

Our strength is to have a horizontal know-how, meaning we have the ability to evaluate all the tech tools at our disposal, and choose the best one to achieve the goal at stake.

We focus on creating a flexible product that can evolve quickly over time. A solid software structure with little effort on the development side to drastically reduce project timelines in managing and organizing services.

Speed is our mantra along with accuracy and clarity in providing all information, both in the business, as well as in the design phases. Attention to detail is our hallmark in customer relations.

For us, technology is only a means to a specific end: improve your business.

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