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Deepser is a modular IT software that gives you the right tools, at a fair price. It helps you better manage your IT infrastructure and so much more. Thanks also to its great usability, migration will be fast, and your colleagues will thank you for it.

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How you can improve your IT Management with Deepser’s modules

ITAM module to manage your IT assets

In the Starter license, you already have access to all the features you need to manage your company’s IT infrastructure, thanks to the IT Asset Management module, these include:

Centralized asset repository including name, serial, MAC address, network interfaces, hard drives, CPU, etc.
Asset life cycle: get comprehensive management that is always up-to-date.
Automation thanks to Job Rules to automatically assign assets to specific groups/users.
Integration with the Help Desk: assign a device to a ticket and find out what needs to be done and the history of activities done.
Deepser Remote Collector: an agile tool for discovery of external or segregated networks.
Detection of your resources: through SNMP, WMI, SSH, Ping Sweep and auto-discovery scans with or without agent.
 Deepser allows full customization of your CMDB

CMDB module to centralize resources

From the Plus license upwards, you also find features to organize all your IT resources, thanks to the Configuration Management Database module, these include:

Customization: choose how you wish to define categories, classes, types and subtypes in your database. Everything is linked your way.
Maximum flexibility: track key assets and information regardless of business scope.
Integration: data are linked to Deepser tickets, CRM and contracts with your business intelligence systems.
Receiving alerts: in case of anomalies and disruptions, everything will be under control.
Permissions: configurable display for specific users and groups.

SLA module to comply with agreements

In the Starter license, you have access to tools to configure and customize various metrics to manage timelines and meet the agreed service levels (SLAs). The module includes:

Granular goal management: monitor delays in responses or terminations according to different contracts.
SLA overview: with a flexible web interface, you have an overview of the SLAs of all your activities.
Updates for the customer: exports the work log to the management and service reports to inform the customer of the time spent.
Configuration and customization of work calendars.
Anticipation of work peaks and predictable delays.
Calculation of delivery and interventions timing.
Deepser manages deadlines  and makes them visible

Knowledge Base module to educate your clients

In the Starter license, you have access to a knowledge base that collects procedural guides and documentation for your users so you can provide them with instant help. The module includes:

Integration: documents or guides can be linked to Service Desk tickets or from the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
Multiple Knowledge Bases: you can have KBs diversified by topic, service or user
Public or private Knowledge Bases: you can create internal ones for colleagues, or external ones for suppliers and customers.
Collaboration: you can leave comments and make changes easily, so updating and improving is continuous.
Permissions: configurable display for specific groups.

Password Manager module to manage and share passwords

From the Plus license upwards, you have access to features that securely manage all credentials in the enterprise through dual-key encryption suites. The module includes:

Advanced protection: with a fail-proof system you get a barrier against data breach and cyber threats.
Random generation: automatically generates passwords by setting minimum security criteria.
Total control: keep track of all read and change actions made on passwords, including for security audits.
Instant sharing: configure password visibility for specific groups and users.
Integration with ITAM and CMDB modules to store passwords for devices, services, corporate sites and users.
Deepser's Password Manager for all your accounts

Choose the right license for your needs.

If you wish to provide a memorable customer service and foster synergy among colleagues, Deepser is the right solution for you, and all is available from the Starter license. If you need the Live Chat, simply upgrade to the Plus license.

Thanks to Deepser, you will be able to streamline workflows so much that other departments in your organization will want to try it too. The good news is that the Starter license already includes many benefits for other departments at the same affordable price.

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