The ITSM software for an efficient IT management

Deepser is a modular IT software that gives you the right tools, at a fair price. It helps you better manage your IT infrastructure and so much more. Thanks also to its great usability, migration will be fast, and your colleagues will thank you for it.

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To improve your IT asset management, you need the best tools in the market.

If you are looking for a flexible software to track tickets, automate processes, set measurable targets, get an overview of the situation, link data points, assign tasks to specific team members, and more, you are in the right place! With Deepser you can finally have it all under control in one software, and with a single subscription plan.

Streamline your work with Deepser.

Our all-in-one, low code/no code, ITIL-compliant ITSM software adapts to any type of business in order to manage and optimize your work processes. Deepser is here to help you create a solution tailored to your unique needs and provide you with an overview that will make achieving your business goals easier, and faster.

Manage your IT assets

You can manage all of your company’s IT infrastructure, with asset discovery through auto-discovery scans, automations, integration with Help Desk, centralized repository and much more.

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Centralize your IT assets

With the Configuration Management Database module, you can organize all your IT resources and customize the categorization according to your logic. You can also set alerts in case of anomalies.

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Comply with customer agreements

You have tools to configure and customize various metrics, to manage timelines and meet agreed service level (SLAs), as well as an overview.

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Educate your clients

You can create a knowledge base that collects how-to guides and documentation for your users to be able to provide them with instant help.

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Manage your credentials

By adopting Deepser’s Password Manager, passwords are saved and read via dual-key encryption suites to increase your company’s level of security.

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Deepser modules are designed to meet the needs of the entire company

With Deepser you can manage the processes of different departments: IT operations, customer support and sales. However, if you are looking just for the Help Desk, the basic license has all the features you need.

All of our modules are entirely customizable to suit your needs.

We can customize:

Fields: there are hundreds available but if need be, you can easily create new ones;
Ticket Forms: they can be different for each category and include fields;
Grids: decide what and how information needs to be displayed;
Multiple SLAs: define parameters to be used for each service, client and more;
Workflows: unlimited, configure them according to your business needs and processes;
User Portal: you can customize it based on the logged user or client and their enabled services;
Portal Designer: you can customize the User Portal with a simple drag-and-drop and add Knowledge Base articles, videos, ticket lists, assets in use, announcements, and more.

What Deepser offers

These are some of the features that are especially appreciated by our customers and that set us apart. In addition, know that we are constantly improving our features and services, thanks to our customers’ requests and feedback because we care about meeting your needs.


Deepser was designed to fit your needs. With our guide, we will show you how to create solutions for each department/office in your company.


The world is in flux, and we understand growing companies well, which is why we are modular. Our versatility is key to your growth and success.


We pride ourselves of the fact that Deepser is easy for everyone to use, which is no small feat when selecting a new software.


We care about your data and offer you the choice of having you data saved on premise or in the cloud. You decide!


To meet the needs of the market, we have created solutions with a good features/price ratio.