Improve the health
of your healthcare services

From hospitals to specialized clinics, from medical residences to medical testing laboratories, and even home care services. Deepser is the ideal software for optimizing processes and improving the efficiency of services in health care.

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Smart device management is a great benefit, even for patients.

The world of healthcare is increasingly connected to technology and digital. Software such as Deepser represents a strategic choice capable of improving both the work of health care staff and the quality of people’s lives.

With Deepser you keep track of the devices and software in place, as well as the maintenance and upgrades needed, with automatic reports on services provided.

You have innovative features that extend to employee and contractor reservations and requests.

Deepser is available in Cloud and On Premise.

Deepser: the ITSM software for healthcare

Modular and scalable software for advanced support at all levels.

Customer Care: the ability to offer patients an even more professional support.
IT department: everything it needs to manage devices and provide support to the entire facility
Contracts: all contracts for any asset in your organization always under control.

What you can do with Deepser
in Healthcare

IT Department

Build an inventory of equipment, machinery, and contracts by managing assistance and providing ticket information. With Escalation Rules, no request goes unanswered.

Customer Care

In a single web portal you can collect all patient requests by automating management and streamlining the work of medical staff.


Support, warranty, license, rental, maintenance, human resources. You have an overview of every contract entered into that helps you make more informed decisions.

Booking department

You can also manage health facility appointment bookings through a shared calendar that streamlines the entire flow of information.

Human Resources

Vacations, leaves, certificates. Deepser also enables you to provide excellent service to employees through a web portal where you can upload requests in a streamlined manner.


Deepser eases communication with other departments and provides a global view of all paid and billed services at all times, receiving alerts and reminders on all due dates.

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