Clear and simple Pricing plans
that meet your needs

We offer 3 packages to meet your needs.
These plans are designed for a minimum of 3 agents, we offer discounts for large groups.
By Agent we mean those who use Deepser’s back-office. For any other user, including team members, it is free.




To start out.

€ 36

€ 40

per month, per agent
billed annually

per month, per agent
billed semi-annually

Agent refers to those who use Deepser’s back-office. For any other user, including team members, it is free.

Complete Ticketing system & ITIL compliant
Dashboard & Report – Customizable
Integrated with Microsoft 365 & Google
User Portal
IT Asset Manager
IT Monitoring
Task Management
SLA Management
API – unlimited requests

Discounts for large groups

Best Seller


For growing companies.

€ 45

€ 50

per month, per agent
billed annually

per month, per agent
billed semi-annually

Agent refers to those who use Deepser’s back-office. For any other user, including team members, it is free.

Everything in Starter
CMDB – Unlimited Assets
Contract Management
Password Manager
Knowledge Base
Live Chat

Discounts for large groups


For larger companies

Contact us to define
business needs and
number of agents.

Agent refers to those who use Deepser’s back-office. For any other user, including team members, it is free.

Evertyhing in Plus
Visual Workflows
Approval & Stage Workflows
Workflow & Scheduled Maintenance
No Code/Low Code Platform
Portal Designer – Unlimited portals

Discounts for large groups

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Best Seller




Service Management

Incident Management

Issue Management

Request Management

Problem Management

Change Management

Customizable Service Types

Help Desk

Manage Priority/Urgency

Manage Status

Multi-Level Customizable Categorization

Routing Rules

Request Assignment

Customizable Service Desk Queues


Escalation Rules

Multichannel Communication

Email Ticketing

Unlimited Email Integrations

Automatic Email Notifications

Customizable Email Templates

Call Center Management

Cti (Computer/Telephone Interface) Integration

Time Tracking

Worklog Activities & Reports

Internal Comments

Comments To Users

Pre-Defined Quick Replies And Macros/Templated Responses

Ticket Relationship Mapping

Custom Ticket Templates

Multiple Ticket Templates & Template Rules

Ticket Export


To Do List

Tasks For Maintenance Scheduling And Activity Planning

Visual Calendar And Progress

Split Activities To Multiple Users

Customizable Task Types

Customizable Task Templates And Fields


Multiple Service Level Agreements Policies

Custom Work Calendars

Custom Unlimited Metrics

Custom Unlimited Goals

Business Rules Management

Reminders And Notifications

Escalations For Sla Violation

Escalations To Prevent Sla Violation


Visual Calendars

Customizable Calendars Linked To Service, Cmdb, Crm, Tasks, Etc.

Integration with Microsoft 365 & Google Calendars


IT Asset Manager With Auto-Discovery

Asset Lifecycle Management

Job Rules To Automatically Assign Assets To Companies/Users

Remote Collectors For Segregated Networks

Windows Agent

Agentless Discovery With Multiple Protocols


Software Manager: Auto-Detect Of Installed Software

Ip Address Manager With Subnets Auto-Discovery

Remote Control With Teamviewer

Remote Control With Anydesk

Remote Control With Splashtop


Unlimited Ldap Integrations

LDAP Compliance With All Commercial Standards (Active Directory, Open Ldap, Etc.)

Import Users From LDAP

Import Groups From LDAP

Azure AD

SAML & OAuth2.0

SSO - Single Sign On

SSO Linked With Ldap Integration

Import - Powerful Native Tool

Import - Unlimited Customizable Imports

Export - Excel/Csv/Pdf Exports

Integration - Connector For External Integrations

API - Powerful Rest API

Open Source Library For Api Integration

Telephone Switchboards Via CTI


Real Time Html5 Dashboards

Dashboards Panels With Group Permissions

Unlimited Customizable Dashboards


Pre-Defined Reports

Unlimited Customizable Reports

Scheduled Email Reports


Massive Actions For Multiple Updates

Excel/Csv Export

Granular Visibility Permissions


Watchers Users



Supervisor Users

Global Search On All Entities

Unlimited Custom Fields

Customizable Branding

Custom Fields For Every Entity: Ticket, Crm, Cmdb, Users, Companies, Itam, Etc.

Customizable Form Templates

Granular Visibility For Every Template Field

Customizable Template Rules

Custom Grids

Custom Grids: Easy Configuration With Drag&Drop Tool

Custom Events For Integrations Or Custom Processes

Multifactor Authentication

Multi Language

Flexible And Powerful Permission Management

Flexible User Groups

Customizable User Roles

System Lists With Advanced Permissions And Logic

Unlimited Customizable Lists With Advanced Permissions And Logic

Attachments For Document Storage

Unlimited Attachments With Drag&Drop Management

Attachment Types With Advanced Permissions For Visibility

Multiple Warehouse Management

Warehouse Loads and Unload

Warehouse: Tickets and Worklog integration


End User Portal

Self-Service Portal

User Registration With Customizable Signup Process

Guest Portal For Non-Registered Users

Cmdb Portal For End Users / Customers

Crm Portal For End Users/Customers

Cms For Guest Portal

Announcement: Type management

Announcement: ITSM Release Management

Announcement: Scheduling

Announcement: Visibility management & permissions

Announcement: Tag categorization and custom sorting

Announcement: Integration with Portal Designer


Internal Conversations

Internal Conversation Channels

End User Portal Chat

Conversation Channels With Multiple End Users / Customers

Web Widget

Branded Widget Published On Multiple Web Sites

Customization Of The Widget

Customizable Offline Module

Unlimited Simultaneous Chats

File Sending

Activity Hours


Kanban With Entities Integration

Kanban With Free Forms


Integrated Worklogs

Purchase Orders Management

Suppliers Management

Contracts In Hours & Quantity

Contracts Workflows


Account Management (Customers, Providers, Suppliers, Partners, Etc.)

Contact Management (Leads, Prospects, Contacts, Etc.)

Opportunity Management

Customizable Opportunity Types

Linked With Service Management And Contracts

Sales Pipeline Management

Email Crm For Sales Opportunities And Contracts

Address management: Address type management (e.g. location address, billing, shipping, etc.)

Address management: Address association to Accounts, Offices, Warehouses and CMDB


Secure Password Manager With Double Key Encryption

Secure Password Manager Portal For End Users / Customers

Secure Password Manager With Corporate (Shared) Passwords

Secure Password Manager With Private Passwords

Audit Log For Passwords Security

Passwords Linked To All Entities Of The System

Password Manager: Automatic Generation

Password Manager: Strength Checker


Multiple Knowledge Bases

Kbs Visibility Based On Groups

Portal Kbs For End Users / Customers

Public Kbs For Non-Logged Users

Kb Linked To Tickets

Kb Linked To Cmdb / Itam

Kb Linked To Crm


Unlimited Customizable Ci Object Types

Unlimited Cis

Relations Between Cis

Ink With Tickets

Link With Crm And Contracts

Service Catalog Management

Contract Management

License Management


Link With Itam (Autodiscovery) Module

Planned Activities / Maintenance

Email Cmdb For Devices And Contracts


Approval Request Management

Management Of Approvals By Email

Management Of Approvals From User Portal

Approval Rules Management

Approval Stage Management

Management Of Scheduled Flows

Management Of Automatic Entity Creation

Management Of Automatic Entity Update

Scheduled Maintenance Management

Task Automation Management

Automatic Email Management

No Code / Low Code Platform


Visual Portal Designer

Frontend Portal Visual Designer

Multiple Portals Management

Portal Page Management

Graphic Widget

Graphic Widget Customization

Group Based Visibility Management








su quotazione


To start out.

Minimum 3 agents
Discount for large

€ 36

€ 40

per month, per agent
billed annually

per month, per agent
billed semi-annually


For growing companies.

Minimum 3 agents
Discount for large groups

€ 45

€ 50

per month, per agent
billed annually

per month, per agent
billed semi-annually


For larger companies.

Contact us to define
business needs and
number of agents.

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FAQ about Pricing Plans

Do end users require a license?

End users, those who access the end user portal to submit support requests, do not need a Deepser license.

Are there discounts for large teams?

Are there discounts for large teams?

Can I purchase a single module?

The purchase of individual modules is not possible.

Can I add licenses as needed?

Yes, licenses can be added at any time.

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