Contract management: complete clarity

With Deepser’s Contract Management you have a clear view of conditions and deadlines, as well as the service levels granted. You will provide customers with on-time service at all times and be able to identify new business opportunities.

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Contracts are delicate matters.

Contracting tends to be a complex process. Not only because of the negotiation phase, which can be lengthy, but also because of the management and the many parties involved. At this point it becomes critical to the success of the job to be done, to unify and manage it all from one place.

Deepser helps you manage your contracts.

Global strategic overview

With Deepser, you have an overall strategic control over data. This helps you avoid providing services free of charge and helps you maximize profit in contract renewals.

Additionally, you facilitate the work of Administrative and Purchasing departments by managing all business agreements in one place. You also facilitate communication between Sales, Technical and Customer Service teams. Finally, can improve time management and provide an excellent customer service.

Track all activities entered in each contract.
Set the amount of hours stipulated in the agreements made.
Automatically countdown service hours.
Avoid doing extra work without due compensation.
Access an overview of all active contracts.
foster communication between commercial, technical and customer service offices
efficient and fully customizable contract management

Ad hoc contract management

Deepser helps you manage your clients’ contracts in a smooth, efficient and fully customizable way. This module adapts entirely to your needs to simplify your daily routine, especially when it comes to sensitive issues such as contractual matters.

Evolved administration: manage paid and billed interventions and monitor deadlines, setting up automatic renewals and alerts.
Multi-company management: maintain multiple active contracts by individual customer, type of business, and service offered.
Integrated suppliers and partners: involve 3rd parties in management for perfect control of hours worked and activities.
Strategic vision: get automatic reports on contracts, customers, and services delivered to make real-time decisions.
Full digitization: you can use contracts in the management of business services and the CMDB.

The Contract Management

module is included in the license:





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