Managing contracts?
Child’s play.

Be them contracts for technical assistance, warranty, license, rental, supply, maintenance and many more, with Deepser you have a clear view of conditions and deadlines, as well as the agreed service levels. You will always provide the customer with a precise service and you will be able to identify new business opportunities.


Track activities,
maximize opportunities.

Deepser allows you to set the number of hours contracted and to automatically scale the assistance hours or the interventions carried out, thus tracking all the activities done for each contract.

You can have, at any time, an overview of active contracts and a precise count of the remaining working hours on each customer’s asset.
A global strategic control over data that saves you from providing paid services accidentally for free and helps you maximize profit in contract renewals.

In addition, you will facilitate the work of the Admin and Purchasing departments who will be able to centrally manage all company agreements. You will ease communication among the Sales, Technical and Customer Service teams, while improving time management and offering a top-notch service to your clients.

< Advanced administration: easily manage paid and billed interventions and keep all deadlines under control, setting automatic renewals and alerts.

< Integrated suppliers and partners: easily involve third parties in the management for a precise control of the hours and activities performed.

< Strategic vision: get automatic reports on contracts, customers and services provided to take decisions in real time.

< Multi-company management: keep multiple active contracts for each customer, type of activity and service offered, improving efficiency.

< Complete digitization: you can use contracts in the management of business services and also link them to the CMDB.

< Maximum customization: define different types and lines of contract, each with specific characteristics, and customize the protocol code, which is automatically generated.


Last but not least:
the after-sales service that favors
new sales.

Post Sales


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