IT Asset Management.
Never lose sight of data and devices.

With Deepser you have a complete inventory of devices thanks to the auto-discovery feature. Manage each asset from a smart and highly advanced web interface.


01          ITAM

All information
on your infrastructure,

Data and devices are now the beating heart of every company. Deepser helps you manage, monitor and protect them.
For instance, you can get detailed information on complete asset lifecycle management, track warranties, receive automatic expiration alerts and connect
IT requests to the asset, thus offering quick support to your users.

Many functions for a complete and updated overview of your data and devices at any time, streamlining every procedure.

< Centralized storage: name, serial, MAC address, network interfaces, hard drives, CPU, etc. All the information of each asset in a single web portal.

< Discover your assets: you can discover devices with SNMP, WMI, SSH, Ping Sweep scans and do auto-discovery with agent or agentless.

< Manage users: Quickly identify users assigned to the assets and the company where the device is installed.

< Help Desk link: assign a device to a ticket; view maintenance activities and any repairs to be done


Your networks and data always under control.

With Deepser you can obtain an automated inventory also on subnets, such as IP ranges, connected devices, MAC addresses, network interfaces, etc. You can check IP data and have a complete view of your LANs in order to speed up each daily activity.

< Detect all IPs: you can automatically do this using different protocols such as SNMP and WMI.

< Connect requests for IT services: with Deepser you can link tickets to assets and offer support on the network devices involved.

< Deepser Remote Collector: an agile tool for the discovery of external or segregated networks at your complete disposal.

< Create support guides: Do you want to help users solve problems, such as connecting to the LAN, on their own? Deepser makes publishing a guide the easiest thing in the world.

Constant monitoring
on all your devices.

With Deepser you can monitor the status of all devices in the Asset Management module through a dedicated dashboard. You also have the possibility to configure specific actions when certain conditions occur: some of the metrics are RAM, CPU and disk usage, but we have more.

< Configure rules: using a dedicated form you can choose which devices to monitor, users to notify and metrics to manage; you can use custom scripts to perform customized actions.

< Windows environment: You can monitor the status of Windows system devices on which the agent is installed or which have been recovered/recuperate/detected by WMI scan.

< Set automatisms: when a condition occurs, you can create a specific monitoring event: for instance, notification email, ticket creation, data update and script execution.


Archive, consult, innovate.
Take your CMDB to a new dimension.



Seeing is believing.
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