ITAM: enhance your organization’s IT assets

With Deepser’s IT Asset Management you have a complete device inventory with automatic data discovery and the ability to manage each asset from a single simple, smart, and advanced web interface.

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Never lose sight of your assets again.

Keeping track of all enterprise devices can become a nightmare without the proper tools and flexibility to help you set up the repository structure properly. Once everything is set up you can magically track the entire life cycle of devices.

Deepser helps you manage your IT assets.

Your IT infrastructure at your fingertips

Data and devices are the beating heart of every business. Deepser helps you manage, monitor and protect them. You can, for example, get detailed information about the complete lifecycle management of assets, track warranties, receive automatic expiration alerts, and link IT service requests to the asset offering quick support to your users. At any time you have a complete and up-to-date overview of your data and devices streamlining every procedure.

Centralized archive of assets with name, serial, MAC address, network interfaces, hard disks, CPUs, etc.
Detect your resources through SNMP, WMI, SSH, Ping Sweep and auto-discovery scans with or without an agent.
Manage users: quickly identify users assigned to assets and the company where the device is installed.
Integration with the Help Desk: assign a device to a ticket and find out what needs to be done and the history of activities done.

Networks and data under control

With Deepser you can get an automated repository of even subnet information such as IP ranges, connected devices, MAC addresses, network interfaces, etc. So you can check the data of IPs and have a complete view of your LANs with the aim of speeding up every daily activity.

Detect all IPs: you can do this automatically using protocols
different ones such as SNMP and WMI.
Link IT service requests: you can link tickets to assets and offer support on the network devices involved.
Deepser Remote Collector: you have an agile tool for discovery of external or segregated networks.
Create support content: help users solve problems on their own by publishing guidance.

Continuous device monitoring

With Deepser you can monitor the status of all devices in the Asset Management module via a dedicated dashboard, with the ability to configure specific actions when certain conditions occur: RAM, CPU, disk usage and other system metrics.

You can use custom scripts to perform custom actions.

Configure the rules: you can choose devices to be monitored, users to be notified, and metrics to be managed.
Windows environment: monitor the status of Windows devices on which the agent is installed or retrieved via WMI scan.
Set automations: when certain conditions occur, specific monitoring events are created, such as ticket creation.

The ITAM module is
included in the license:





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