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Discover how companies have enhanced their services through Deepser technologies and solutions. Witness the advantages that an advanced Help Desk Software can offer to your Help Desk and Customer Service operations.

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If you seek versatile help desk software to track tickets, create automations, sett measurable targets, provide service overviews, integrate data, assign tasks to your team, and more, you’ve come to the right platform! With Deepser, you can finally gain comprehensive control of your operations with our all-in-one software solution.


We respond to market changes, driving productivity growth and achieving a better approach to customer management.
Head of Service Design & Transition

IT Office

We were looking for a solution that would allow us to uniformly manage the different services offered by the company and at the same time keep up with the challenges imposed by the market.
IT Manager

Schools and Universities

With Deepser the service has been optimized. The user portal allowed us to centralize all requests and automate multiple processes, reducing work times.
Coordinatore informatico

Customer Care

We now manage all contract and customer service information in one platform. We can customize Deepser to do everything we need.

Scheduled maintenance

The innovative and dynamic management of digital information flows has drastically reduced the times for implementing logistics, maintenance, contracting and on-boarding processes of new partners and suppliers.
Project Manager

Shipment management

By managing time sensitive and time defined shipments, time not only matters but also costs money. Thanks to Deepser we promptly manage all anomalies in compliance with contractual agreements.
Managing Director


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