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What does Deepser offer?

Here we list some of the features that have been used to offer our customers the best solution on the market.

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The company in brief

The group is one of the largest Italian MSPs and for decades has been designing, managing and securing the entire IT infrastructure of its customers, guaranteeing 24/7 support. It offers companies and public administrations multidisciplinary skills and encourages innovation across the entire corporate infrastructure with a complete and integrated portfolio of services, technology and software.


Head office: Reggio Emilia
4 companies in 8 locations
No. of employees: 400+


IT Consulting
IT infrastructure design
Data Strategy
Software development


Help desk challange
Optimize the processes of all companies in the group and manage them uniformly
Improve the customer experience with impeccable Customer Service
Help Desk Solution


Deepser Enterprise License
Integration with SAP, NinjaRMM, Azure AD and SSO
Involvement of all departments of the various companies in the group


Thanks to the configurability of Deepser, the group customized the platform to its specific needs, simplifying flows and automating them. He was able to aggregate data from different sources and, consequently, manage multiple operational flows in Deepser, increasing productivity and quality of work.

The intuitive platform allows the collaboration of all departments of the different companies, significantly improving the internal organization and the provision of the services offered.


Problem Identification

Information regarding services, customers and activities was fragmented and managed in different software solutions, which made it difficult to consult. The ticketing solution in use was obsolete and the low performance affected productivity. Furthermore, the different systems were not easily modifiable and it was not possible to adapt them to meet new business needs.

Needs and Goals

Implement highly configurable ITSM software, capable of adapting to multiple business needs
Improve and automate workflows
Reduce the number of solutions in use for the complete management of the services offered
Provide efficient customer service during the different stages of selling products or services
ITSM Service Management

How Deepser met the company’s needs

Since the adoption of Deepser involved the entire group of companies, the project was managed in macro phases:

Analysis of the starting context, objectives and expected benefits of each process involved.
Analysis and configuration of the integrations necessary in order to import data from external sources into the platform, such as Azure AD, the discontinued service desk, SAP and NinjaRMM.
Analysis and configuration of the main workflows managed in Deepser.
Configuration of the user portal to allow customers access to the platform

The group has automated the management of the Service Desk (Incident, Request, Problem and Change). He then configured the Sales module for the creation of offers and the delivery of orders. The inventory and stocks of the multiple warehouses, managed and monitored with Deepser, are always automatically updated in real time. Contract management has been integrated with invoicing, thus automating invoicing activities, both recurring and non-recurring, of contracts but also of tickets. Finally, the customer portal was configured by creating a portal dedicated to each company in the group. Each portal is branded and allows customers to send requests, consult active contracts, fill out surveys to monitor Customer Satisfaction and access useful information regarding the services in use.


The service is managed comprehensively, involving all departments in a single platform, Deepser
Optimization of workflows and automation of repetitive tasks
Automatic update of assets in the CMDB thanks to the integration with NinjaRMM
Reduction of request processing times resulting in improved customer experience
Real-time monitoring of company performance
Cost reduction thanks to the adoption of a single platform
Ticket Helpdesk

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