management of all your processes

Simplifying the management of daily activities has become a priority. By adopting a low-code/no-code workflow solution such as Deepser, you can standardize processes while making a decisive improvement on several fronts.

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Don’t get lost in manual processes.

Carrying out processes manually unfortunately leaves more room for human error and slowdowns. Digitizing them with a workflow system results in marked improvement on all fronts: quality and efficiency, standardization, productivity, and safety in all phases of management processes.

Deepser helps you optimize your work.

Automate work processes

Deepser’s Workflow module gives you a clear view of your business processes and allows you to quickly configure them with a visual, intuitive and easy-to-use tool.

It automates repetitive tasks and speeds up procedures, reduces manual steps, and eliminates redundant tasks that can slow down work. It is a great benefit for both employees and customers, with a view to increasing productivity and improving service quality.

Manage approvals such as automatic contract expirations and renewals, acquisitions and divestitures of company assets, and hiring.
Assign and schedule tasks, automate Task creation, and manage periodic maintenance.
Integrate real-time data with popular enterprise apps such as CRM, ERP, email, IoT to make it available to business resources.
Scaling up services and simplifying inter-enterprise automation to respond to changes and ensure your business continuity.

Accuracy, speed and customization

Deepser is an advanced flow management tool that also offers ITSM and ESM capabilities to enable your company to deliver a better service experience to customers and employees, from IT management to HR, Customer Care and Administration.

Intuitive Interface: to quickly create digital streams and choose from many preconfigured actions.
Service automation: planning activities, assigning tasks, integrating data-all in real time.
Instant support for your users.

Optimizations for all departments.

Workflow for Customer Service

Simplify manual customer service management processes.
Automate procedures to deliver support.
Resolves critical situations quickly.

Workflow for the IT department

Ensure continuity of service by scheduling activities according to time of use.
Reduce operating costs.
Improve risk management.
Optimize performance.

Workflow for the Purchasing Department

Simplify manual management processes such as purchase requisitions, purchase order, transport document.
Automatically assign tasks to relevant business roles.
Manage payments, deadlines and contracts.

Workflow for C-Suite and Management

Visibility on business processes, so it becomes easy to plan for greater results.
Real-time data tracking.
Optimization of communication among all business departments.

Workflow for Human Resources

Simplify manual management processes such as requests and approvals.
Monitor deadlines such as contract renewals.
Control access, leave and vacation time.

Workflow for the Legal Department

Streamline the processes of risk control and management and internal and external compliance.
Keep track of every step in the workflow.

The Workflow module is
included in the license:





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