The agreed timing
is always under control.

Complying with Service Level Agreements is of strategic importance for any organization. Underestimating them is equivalent to wasting time and incurring penalties; managing them efficiently means containing operating costs and ensuring customer trust every day.


Manage calendars,
anticipates work peaks.

With the SLA module, you can configure and customize calendars to manage working days and holidays, based on branches or customers. You can also assign a goal to each activity in order to meet service levels. Do you risk incurring penalties? With Deepser you can prevent them as it calculates timers by the second on metrics you define. Everything within our platform is modular and customizable according to the specific needs of your organization.

For each customer and each work team you can establish precise rules to monitor the efficiency of the service. Thanks to the worklogs, it is the users who evaluate the timing of each process. Less time wasted recording activities, more value to your team’s work, and more time to spend with customers on what really matters.

For each customer you can also define different service levels.
Deepser will automatically calculate the SLAs to allow Service Managers to take timely decisions avoiding missing a deadline. Running into penalties? Better not.

< Apply SLAs to devices too: Deepser is one of the few software that allows you to apply service levels to other resources to monitor their obsolescence and efficiency.

< Manage goals in a granular way: with the SLA module you can constantly monitor delays in responses or resolutions, based on different contracts.

< Keep the customer updated: export worklogs on the ERP or on the intervention reports to inform the customer on the time spent.

< Take a global look: Thanks to a flexible web interface, you have an overview of the SLAs of all your activities.


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