SLA: agreements that make all the difference

Service Level Agreements are of strategic importance to any type of organization. With Deepser’s SLA module, you can manage agreements efficiently, containing management costs and ensuring the trust of your customers.

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Deepser's SLAs help manage agreements

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Delays do not depend on you alone.

With a formal contract, you can have clarity on the terms you stipulated, but it takes more than that to track timelines and predict delays before you they happen. This way, you will always offer excellent and timely services, and in case of problems, communicate them quickly to yours clients, in full transparency.

Deepser helps you comply with agreements.

Measure time, anticipate peaks

With the SLA module you configure and customize calendars to manage workdays and vacations by branch or customer, assigning each activity a target to meet service levels.

Do you risk incurring penalties? With Deepser you know in advance because it calculates timers per second on metrics you define. All of this is scalable and customizable to your organization’s specific needs.

Configure and customize working calendars.
Calculate the timing of deliveries and interventions.
Anticipate work peaks and predictable delays.
Deepser manages deadlines  and makes them visible
Overview of Deepser's SLAs with activities and priorities.

Keep all your SLAs at your fingertips

With a flexible web interface, you have an overview of the SLAs. Deepser is among the few software that also allows you to apply service levels to other resources to better monitor them.

Apply SLAs to devices as well: monitor obsolescence or efficiency.
Manage goals granularly: monitor delays in responses
or resolutions according to different contracts.
Keep customers updated: export the work log to the management and service reports to inform your customer of the time spent.
Take a global look: with a flexible web interface, you have an overview of the SLAs of all your activities.

The SLA module is
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