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Deepser is a modular IT software that gives you the right tools, at a fair price. It helps you better manage Sales and clients, and so much more. Thanks also to its great usability, migration will be fast, and your colleagues will thank you for it.

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How you can improve Sales Management with Deepser’s modules

CRM module to relate to your clients

From the Plus license upwards, you have access to all the features to manage customer relationships and improve your company’s sales. Thanks to the Customer Relationship Management module, this includes:

Account management: for leads, clients, suppliers, and partners you can set all contacts with master records, historical data and activities.
Collect all information: take note of opportunities, tasks to be completed, events, calls made.
Performance under control: you can monitor sales processes and make decisions in minutes with reports, dashboards and KPIs.
Customization: customize notifications, templates, views, forms
and infinite custom fields.
Advanced collaboration: communicate with the team about tasks via comments, drag-and-drop attachment files, all shared in real time.
Board freeform: for you alone, a personal, or shared, space where you can mark and organize notes and ideas.

Contract module to best manage all your agreements

From the Plus license upwards, you also find features to better track all client contracts, these include:

Contract tracking: data on all contracted activities for each contract.
Global overview: have visibility of all active contracts and get automatic reports on contracts, clients and services provided.
Advanced Management: manage paid and billed interventions and monitor deadlines, setting up automatic renewals and alerts.
Multi-company management: maintain multiple active contracts by individual customer, type of business, and service offered.
Integrated suppliers and partners: involve third parties in management for perfect control of work hours and activities.
Full digitization: you can use contracts for the management of business services and the CMDB.

Service Catalog module to show your services

Included in the Plus license, you also find features to show the full range of services you offer your clients, these include:

Create a catalog: offer an overview of the services you offer to your clients, providing information such as delivery times and costs.
Create a Device Inventory: select a device from the ITAM or CMDB by configuring all necessary data.
Exclusive services: create specific services only for specific groups and users, show what you want to who you want.
Collection of requests: it will be carried out faster with dynamic forms. Their fields are adapted to the service in question.
SLA management: you can configure conditional goals on metrics based on various parameters to provide optimal service delivery.
Permissions: configurable display for specific users and groups.

Choose the right license for your needs.

If you were looking for a better way to manage Sales and client relationships as well as fostering synergy among colleagues, Deepser Plus is the right solution for you.

Thanks to Deepser, you will be able to streamline workflows so much that other departments in your organization will want to try it too. The good news is that the Starter license already includes many benefits for other departments at the same affordable price.

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