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Working from home, at the office, on the train, or in the car: today, workplace boundaries have become way more flexible. Deepser provides you with a real-time connection with co-workers and clients, so you can communicate effectively at all times.

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How you can easily work remotely with Deepser’s versatile features

How to handle communication during remote work

If you are considering remote work for your company, here is how Deepser can help you make communication more effective:

Company web portal: allows the whole team to work easily both in the office and remotely.
Customized Web Customer Portal: your customers will be able to send support and contact requests, via this dedicated portal.
Centralized point of contact: via Deepser it will be more effective and direct to work and communicate with the team and customers.
Customization: Deepser adapts to the needs of each workgroup. Customize notifications, templates, views, forms and custom fields.
Permissions and Roles:Permissions and Roles: you can define who can have access to specific information. You can also set up a supervisor manager.

How to manage remote team work

Home, bar or office. “Going to work” is no longer a place, it is a state of mind. Here is how we can help you make team work much more agile and collaborative:

Customer Service organization: with our Ticketing, Contact Center
and Help Desk products, you can manage all the team’s work.
Collaboration and sharing: you can assign tasks and share guides
and manuals with your entire team for a division of labor.
Tracking: it will be easier to track all the communications that have taken place with customers, bids, contracts, licenses, etc.
Integration: with Office365 and Google Calendar, you can assign
tasks to your employees in a balanced way.
Asset management: you can easily manage the assets held
to all employees and track their performance.
Time optimization: you can set priorities in work queues and enable automated notifications.

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