CMDB: organize
all your company resources

Deepser’s Configuration Managament DataBase is the central repository of all your organization’s physical and virtual assets. It allows you to map every object, asset, person or process managed by your company.

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 Deepser's CMDB grouping all company's assets

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Never again without a repository.

Grouping existing data from the organization’s IT infrastructure in one place is critical, not only to have greater efficiency and security, but also to comply with ITIL guidelines. Elements can be linked together to highlight dependencies, and consequences, should changes occur in the infrastructure.

Deepser helps centralize your IT resources.

Your Database, Your Cataloging

With Deepser’s ITSM software you can define your own paths to implement your organizational model in the CMDB and track everything in your information system without losing any information.

Choose classes, types and subtypes, and categories across the hierarchy to keep every piece of information under control. Customize the database with a simple drag & drop.

Register your assets with our customizable and dynamic forms.
Import data into the CMDB from spreadsheets in .CSV and .XML format.
Manage visibility: assign permissions to specific groups and users.
Maximum flexibility: track key assets and information regardless of business scope.

Linked configurable elements

In addition to tracking data about individual assets, you can also track relationships among elements in the CMDB and other entities that make up the software. Thus you have a complete view of the impact changes and consequences caused by failures or upgrades occurring on your infrastructure or that of your customers.

Integrate the CMDB to the Help Desk and speed up support.
Link assets to contracts and keep track of renewals and expirations.
Receive alerts in case of anomalies and disruptions, you will have everything under control.

The CMDB module is
included in the license:





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