A password
called innovation.

No more sending credentials via email or pinning access keys on post-its. With Deepser’s Password Manager module you can save and share business and personal passwords securely, thanks to multiple keys and encryption algorithms.


Much safer,
definitely simpler.

By adopting the Deepser Password Manager, passwords are saved and read through cryptographic suites with double encryption key to increase the security level of your company.

You can manage visibility in a granular way, set read and modify permissions only for a customer or certain types of user groups. You can also integrate the system with the IT Asset Manager and CMDB module to store passwords of devices, services, company sites and users, thus mapping your entire digital universe.

< Advanced protection: thanks to a fail-proof system you get a barrier against data breaches and cyber threats to protect your business.

< Instant sharing: Configure password visibility for specific groups and users.

< Total control: keep track of all actions carried out on passwords, even for internal audits; know who reads and modifies them.

< Random Generation: Automatically generate passwords
by setting minimum security criteria.


Data, devices, resources.
Here’s how to build an inventory
of all your assets.

IT Asset Management


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