Service Catalog:
show your services and products

With Deepser, the experience of accessing your services is e-commerce-like thanks to a comprehensive, dynamic and easy-to-manage enterprise ITIL Service Catalog. A catalog open not only to IT service requests but also much more.

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a dynamic and easy to manage service catalogue

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A forgotten showcase is not inviting.

If your customers are asking for the same things over and over again, maybe it is time to make them aware of everything you offer. Curating and displaying a catalog of services and products can be critical not only to the success of your business, but it can also help the customer get what they want and improve their experience.

Deepser helps you showcase your services.

Your customized catalog

The Service Catalog is a key tool for your company’s digital transformation because it allows end users to have an overview of all services offered by your team with information regarding, for example, delivery dates, operational costs, approvals and visibility.

Collect requests faster with dynamic forms whose
fields adapt to the service in question.
Create a Device Inventory: select a device from the ITAM or CMDB by configuring all the necessary data.
Manage SLAs: with metrics you can configure conditional goals based on various parameters to provide optimal service delivery.
a fully customizable catalog to offer end users all your business services
secure management of informations thanks to an excellent system of permissions and visibility

Exclusive services for who you want

With an intelligent system of permissions and visibility, you can limit requests for certain types of services and have secure and convenient management of information.

You can also define specific roles and groups that can open requests and create certain tickets through a customized user portal.

Assigns permissions and roles to access the Catalog.
Exclusive visibility: creates specific services for specific groups only.

The Service Catalog module
is included in the license:





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