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With Deepser your services will be quickly accessible thanks to a complete, dynamic and easy to manage Company Service Catalog, pretty similar to an ecommerce website. A catalog active not only for IT service requests but also for requests addressed to HR, Purchasing, Admin department or other internal units. Submit any need for a particular assets and devices.

Service Catalog

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The Service Catalog is a fundamental tool for the digital transformation of your company. It allows end users to have an overview of all the services offered by your team, including information about delivery dates, operating costs, approvals, visibility and much more.

Thanks to a smart system of permissions and visibilities, you can limit the request for certain types of services. Define roles and groups of users that can open requests and create specific tickets through a customized user portal. This will allow for a secure and practical management of information.

< Speed up requests: collect the most relevant information by showing dynamic forms with fields useful for that particular type of service.

< Create a Device Inventory: for each request you can select a device from the CMDB or ITAM by tracking the ownership data, maintaining a detailed history and configuring operating costs, management times, deadlines, etc.

< Manage SLAs: you can configure conditional goals on each metric based on different parameters to offer optimal service delivery.


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