Live Chat: connect with clients in real time

Deepser’s Live Chat module gives you a centralized, fast solution for communicating with customers in real time and facilitates your Customer Service support. In times of need, you will always be there for your user.

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Deepser's Live Chat to communicate in real time

Clients that trusted us

Nobody likes waiting.

Being able to communicate with humans in Support Live Chats makes all the difference in the user experience. When our clients need us, we must be there: listening to them, understanding their issue, and providing a quick and complete answer for a quick problem resolution. Chat bots, for now, have yet to surpass us.

Deepser supports communication with your users.

Live Chat and Widget for your website

One of the benefits of Deepser Live Chat is the widget integration that offers users the ability to chat with your team directly from your website. A unique convenience for providing immediate responses, engaging visitors and not miss a single user.

Centralize all communications in one place.
Assign requests to the most qualified staff.
Share files via real-time chat: videos, images, documents.
Organize and moderate discussion groups.
Customize the widget: customize each Chat with your brand colors and use it with various domains.
Deepser's Live Chat Widget for your website to communicate with your users
Deepser's Internal Chat service for your team members

Internal Chat with team members

The working team can also take advantage of our Live Chat to collaborate quickly and efficiently:

Avoid sending long email threads.
Organize channels: create discussion groups and assign moderators.
Save private notes: take notes and save them directly in chat.
Optimize teamwork team.

The Live Chat module is
included in the license:





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