Your After Sales
has never been this

Customer retention costs much less than finding a new client. For this reason, Deepser has built a specific module for the after sales services. A great opportunity to build trusting relationships, stimulate word of mouth and offer additional services, such as subscriptions, spare parts, updates and upgrades.


The after sales that doesn’t miss
a beat.

Collect customer inquiries, forward feedback to dedicated teams and keep track of every communication or action taken. With Deepser you can plan technical interventions, manage assistance hours contracted or scheduled maintenance with extreme simplicity.

All information is stored to improve customer service, as well as products or services day after day, and to let you develop new sales opportunities.

< Involve customers: it is a web portal where you can submit requests 24/7.

< Centralize requests: manage returns, complaints and inquiries with a single tool.

< Process data: elaborate internal business analysis and identify areas for improvement.

< Explore opportunities: offer new services to your customers.


But it doesn’t stop there.
Because Deepser is customizable
in every single function.


Seeing is believing.
Test us for 14 days.

Every business has its own needs. What's your industry?


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