After Sales Support:
how to retain customers with a self-service portal

Deepser has built a module specifically for after-sales management. This a great opportunity to build a trusting relationships with the client, driving word-of-mouth marketing, and offering additional services such as upgrades and updates.

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Do not let any customers get away.

It costs much less to retain customers than to find new ones. Once the customer has made the purchase, it is not over; in fact, their experience with us has just begun. Relationships are built in the details, and this is a crucial time to make yourself available and respond to their queries in a timely manner.

Deepser helps you retain your clients.

The after sales that never misses a beat

Collect customer requests, send the feedback to dedicated teams, and keep track of every communication or action taken. With Deepser you can schedule technical interventions, manage contracted service hours or scheduled maintenance with ease.

Every piece of information is archived to improve customer service and your product or service day by day, so you can develop new sales opportunities.

Involve the client: with a web portal where requests for assistance can be entered 24 hours a day.
Centralize requests: manage returns, complaints and malfunctions with one software.
Process the data: you can do internal business analysis and identify areas for improvement.
Explore opportunities: discover new additional services to offer the customer.
engage the customer and keep track of all the activities performed

The After Sales Support
module is included in
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