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Our revolutionary approach to Service Management grants you many benefits, unique within the ITSM world.


No entrance fee,
no training costs.
Together, let’s fine-tune an efficient lead generation.

From this moment we are always by your side.
In the design phase, we listen to your requests and develop customized solutions. But our work certainly does not end here: our team is always at your disposal to help you unravel work headaches you face every day. We train your collaborators so they can independently manage each project.
Know your market and your market will get to know you.
With us you will have access to a huge slice of the global market that deals with service management. For all your doubts, there will be a member of our team ready to provide you with technical support and effective ideas to gain new awareness on the market in which you operate.

The high performance of our software leads to very high renewal rates. In fact, Deepser has all the credentials to support a company over the years, through all its changes.


Wanting to be even more specific, here’s what you will gain from this partnership.

We reserve you a favorable price for the distribution of Deepser.
You will offer your customers a flexible licensing model.
You will be able to offer support and advice directly. You will be the main contact for your customers.
You will get the know-how you need to manage your projects independently.
You will install Deepser on your servers, on-premise by the customer or in our cloud: the choice is yours!
You will expand the range of products you offer to your customers: Deepser is an extremely easy to implement software and it provides advanced integrations with other systems.

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