Your knowledge
and all the answers

Create a guide, set up a manual, organize FAQs, share multimedia content. The Knowledge Base is a database of technical and procedural information that supports your operators and your customers in the use of products and services. It also encourages the self-resolution of the most frequent problems and requests.


Super organized content
for much happier users.

Thanks to the Deepser Knowledge Base you can organize your documentation in an orderly way. You can also modify guides with a click, thus speeding up the production of content and its updating, thanks to a central repository. It will be easier for users to find information and browse articles.

You will help your users solving the most frequent requests by themselves while they will help you work better, thanks to the possibility of leaving comments and making changes, thus encouraging knowledge sharing.
Increase employee productivity and decrease problem resolution time.

< Sort contents: build a hierarchical structure of documents, link them to tickets and make them visible to authorized users only.

< Instant search: find what you are looking for thanks to tags, keywords, an intuitive interface and an easy-to-use platform.

< Multiply knowledge: thanks to the Multiple KB function you can create different Knowledge Bases diversified by topic, service and users.

< Control accesses: set permissions to make sure that only authorized groups can access the information reserved for them.


Knowledge is nothing without
dialogue. Live Chat: a great
communication channel.

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