Knowledge Base: your source of knowledge

Deepser’s Knowledge Base is a database of technical and procedural knowledge. It supports your operators and customers in using your products and services, and in independently solving the most common problems and queries.

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With guides, manuals, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and multimedia content, you can empower users, whether they are team members, suppliers, or customers. You control how much autonomy to give based on your typical user and the content you share, so you can intervene only when there is a real need.

Deepser helps educate your users.

Knowledge Base integrated with the Help Desk

With the integration of the two modules, you can structure documentation, link it to tickets, and edit guides quickly, speeding up content production and related updating, via a central Repository.

By being able to leave comments and make changes, there is a mechanism for continuous knowledge sharing and improvement.

Easy search by tags, keywords, intuitive interface.
Most frequent requests resolved independently.
Configures permissions to enable only authorized user groups.
Multiple KB function with diversified KB by theme, service and users.
Instant support for your users.

The Knowledge Base
module is included in
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