A first-class advanced Help Desk for Education

Deepser is also used successfully in Schools and Universities to enhance the student learning experience, support the IT team in managing the infrastructure, and help administrative staff in meeting all requests.

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A next-generation experience for the Education industry.

With Deepser, you can better manage IT resources in various school and university buildings, connect services between departments, and improve IT support services on each campus.

Through the web portal, students and the teaching staff can send requests to the registrar’s office, streamlining the entire bureaucratic process.

In addition, you can automatically generate tickets from preset forms, adjust access to different devices, create an asset inventory, and take advantage of many other features dedicated to those institutions that know how to look to the future.

Deepser is available in Cloud and On Premise.

Deepser: the ITSM software for Education

Benefits that extend to every department in your institution.

Single Portal: for your educational secretary a key tool that improves the entire educational journey.
IT Department: you have total control over all devices on campus and beyond.
illustration about Deepser's ITAM or Information Technology Asset Management with users, assets, devices and help desk integration

What you can do with Deepser in Education

IT Department

Keep your hardware inventory, software, contracts and your entire infrastructure up-to-date. Manage service interventions with ease and provide ticket status information.

Staff Department

Teaching and administrative staff can apply for vacation, leave and certificates. The Knowledge Base can facilitate the onboarding of new staff and provide consistent and accurate data.

Student Secretariat

Deepser helps you collect student requests into a single web portal to provide professional, fast, targeted support, keeping track of each intervention.

Purchasing Department

Manage the demands associated with school devices, monitor deadlines and warranties, and keep track of your inventory. Optimizing purchases will be a natural consequence.

Teaching Secretariat

Deepser helps you organize requests and information materials to better support students and faculty. In addition, all requests are managed through a shared web portal.


With Deepser you can check deadlines, receive automatic reminders, easily manage paid and billed services, and easily communicate with the service department.

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