Perfect interaction
and maximum integration
in an advanced CRM.

Business management, contacts and leads, sales opportunities, customer support, reports, dashboards and much more. With Deepser you have a unique tool, integrated with your ERP, which satisfies all Customer Relationship Management needs.
01          CRM

A software designed
for your sales team.

Efficiently managing customers and the assistance provided has a crucial strategic value for any organization.
Deepser is a CRM software crafted on the real needs of sales agents. Simple, intuitive and quick to learn, it eases every process and offers all useful functions to increase the profitability of your sales force.
Through a single platform you can manage, control and develop the customer base by interacting with them day by day and offering an excellent service.
< Manage accounts: from client companies to leads, you can organize all contacts with personal information, historical data and ongoing activities.
< Record everything: opportunities, tasks to be completed, events, calls made. Total sharing in real time.
< Performance under control: you can monitor sales processes and take decisions in just a few minutes thanks to reports, dashboards and KPIs.
< Personalize without worries: customize notifications, templates, views, forms and infinite custom fields.


Any event
is shared online.

With Deepser’s calendars module it is easy to share appointments, deadlines, meetings and other events regarding your service. A powerful, flexible and highly customizable tool to better plan activities and check the progress of each project.
< Track the activities: it is a visual tool for your users where they can keep track of each task with tooltips that speed up operations.

< Visual management: take advantage of the native calendars, use the basic views or customize them the way you like.

< Custom filters and colors: you can add fields to be used as a search filter and color records with precise rules.

< Drag & drop and preview: drag tasks and edit calendars in a blink; Save time merging schedule with a preview of your records.

< Native integration with your calendars: all events are integrated with Google and office365 calendars and you can consult and edit them without having to log into Deepser.

Visual cooperation
on board.

Bulletin boards are a powerful tool used by Project Managers around the world to organize tasks.
Are you familiar with Trello, Asana and the other Kanban platforms used to work in a team? With Deepser you have the advantages offered by these tools, plus the integration to all other functions of the platform.
< Total supervision: you can easily track and manage tasks, contracts, opportunities, devices and even tickets.

< Advanced collaboration: the ability to communicate with your team on each task thanks to comments and drag&drop attachments.

< Freeform board: a personal or shared space where you can mark and organize notes and ideas.

< Maximum customization: because you can create and share customized boards based on the needs of each individual project.


Make your sales department happy.
Find out how to manage contracts
more dynamically.


Seeing is believing.
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