CRM: your source of knowledge for clients and leads

With Deepser’s Customer Relationship Management you have a unique tool integrated with your management system that meets all your needs: business management, contacts and leads, opportunities, customer service, reports and more.

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 Deepser's CRM organizes activities and events with your clients

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Building relationships is not easy.

Over the years, CRMs have greatly evolved becoming an excellent data collector and a great customer profiling tool today. All this information will help you build a strong relationship with customers and meet their needs more easily by providing a more relevant solution to their needs and requirements.

Deepser helps you relate to clients.

The perfect ally for your Sales team

Efficiently managing customers and the support provided is of decisive strategic value to any organization. Deepser’s CRM module was created based on real Sales agents’ needs.
Simple, intuitive and quick to learn, it simplifies every process and offers all the useful functions to improve and increase the profitability of your sales force through a single platform.

Manage accounts: from client companies to leads, you can organize all contacts with master records, historical data, and ongoing activity.
Record everything: opportunities, tasks to be completed, events, calls made. Total sharing in real time.
Performance under control: you can monitor sales processes and make decisions in minutes with reports, dashboards and KPIs.
Customize everything: customize notifications, templates, views, forms and endless custom fields.
Deepser's to-do lists for managing client rapport
Deepser's Kanban boards to organize activities

Visual collaboration with the team

Bulletin boards are a powerful tool used by project managers around the world to organize activities. You know Trello, Asana, and other Kanban platforms for working in teams?

With Deepser you have the benefits offered by these tools, with the added integration to all the other functions of the software. If you are looking for the best CRM on the market for your business, here are the reasons why you should try Deepser.

Total supervision: you can nimbly track and manage tasks, contracts, opportunities, devices, and even tickets.
Evolved collaboration: the ability to communicate with your team
on every task through drag-and-drop comments and attachments.
Board free-form: for you, a personal or shared space where you can mark and organize notes and ideas.
100% customization: because you can create and share
customized boards based on the needs of each individual project.

Shared events and calendars

Deepser’s Calendars module makes it easy to share appointments, deadlines, meetings, and other events that affect your service. A powerful, flexible and highly customizable tool to better plan activities and check the progress of each project.

Document work: for your users, it’s a visual tool where they can track each task with tool tips that speed up each operation.
Visual management: take advantage of the software’s native calendars with major views or customize them your own way.
Custom filters and colors: you can add fields that users can use as a search filter and color the records by precise rules.
Save time: drag and drop tasks and edit calendars in a snap; combine scheduling with previewing your records.
Native integration with your Google and Office365 calendars: you can browse and edit them without needing access to Deepser.
Deepser's integration with Google Calendar and Office365.

Catalog and price lists always updated

The Catalog is a fundamental element for companies as it presents all the products and services offered. Keeping it updated is essential to ensure accurate customer service. Thanks to the Deepser Price List module you can use the Catalog to create price lists divided by type of customer, country or currency; you can include products reserved for a specific market and reward the loyalty of your best customers with a dedicated price list.

Shared Catalog: Manage all your products and services with one catalog that your team can consult
Composite products and additional components: accessories, transportation or support, are all elements to be made explicit for a configurable and transparent offer
Different price lists: create basic, promotional or cluster price lists and associate them with each customer
Clear discounts: define the discount rules and their duration
Resellers, distributors and agents: manage dedicated price lists and clearly display the reserved discounts and commissions

From the offer to invoicing in one simple click

With Deepser’s CRM you have the total control on sales opportunities and negotiations, and you can concentrate on the “hottest” and most profitable ones. Manage the entire sales process in a single portal: from the offer to the order, and from the order to invoicing, all information is shared accurately between departments, automating processes, and reducing the possibility of manual errors.

Offer creation: create multiple templates, customize offers and send them to customers directly from the portal
Exchange rates and taxes: define the reference exchange rate for each currency, and the applicable taxes based on the country.
Order generation: automatically transforms accepted offers into internal orders
Invoicing integrated into the Service: invoice orders, tickets or contracts; choose whether to charge for the intervention of technicians and for material supplied
Integration with the management system: automatically obtain all the information necessary for electronic invoicing

Inventory and warehouses under control

With Deepser you can simplify inventory management and reduce storage costs thanks to automated tools. In addition, you can track item movements, providing immediate support to field technicians and improving the efficiency of supply chain operations. Access anywhere and from any device to get the most relevant information in real time.

Inventory Management: Monitor inventory and automatically report low stock levels
Purchasing Optimization: Quickly reorder supplies when needed
Warehouse management: know in real time the availability and position of the various items, even those in mobile warehouses
Movements: manage item deliveries, linking movements to tickets or contracts
Shipment management: track shipments linking them to orders and billing
Integration: Automatically integrate warehouses with the Help Desk and Invoicing modules

Customer Satisfaction to generate value

Customer loyalty to the brand or product only comes with high customer satisfaction.  Customers are after an experience and offer that is personalized and consistent with their needs. It is therefore essential to create surveys to collect customer opinions, monitor their moods and listen to their expectations, to improve the services/products offered, retain customers and identify new business opportunities.

Custom surveys: define objectives, questions, types of answers and any additional notes
Visual designer: create different templates with a simple drag & drop
Custom filters and colors: you can add fields that users can use as a search filter and color the records by precise rules.
Automatic surveys: define the recipient and when to send the questionnaire
Periodic surveys: create recurring surveys to evaluate the service and the improvement actions undertaken
Real-time Dashboard: Easily analyze results, by user, question, timeframe, and other parameters.

The CRM module is
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Pricing Plans: clear and simple

We offer 3 packages to meet your needs. These are designed for a minimum of 3 agents, i.e. back-end users, not end users.
In addition, we offer discounts for large groups.


To start out

Ticketing system complete & ITIL compliant
Dashboard & Report - Customizable
Calendari integrated with Microsoft 365 & Google Calendar
User Portal
IT Asset Manager
IT Monitoring
Task Management
SLA Management
API - unlimited requests

$ 36

per month, per agent billed

Agent refers to those who use Deepser's back-office. For any other user, including team members, it is free.

Discounts for large groups

Best Seller


For growing companies

Everything in Starter
CMDB - Unlimited Assets
CMDB Graph Views
Contract Management
Password Manager
Knowledge Base
Live Chat

$ 45

per month, per agent billed

Agent refers to those who use Deepser’s back-office. For any other user, including team members, it is free.

Discounts for large groups


For larger companies

Everything in Plus
Workflows & NoCode/LowCode
Approvals & Stages
Scheduled Maintenance
Sales & Invoicing
Inventory & Warehouses
Project Management & Gantt View
Customer Satisfaction & Surveys

Agent refers to those who use Deepser's back-office. For any other user, including team members, it is free.

Discounts for large groups

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