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For the public administration grappling with the challenges of digital transformation, Deepser is a decisive choice to start efficiently managing citizen requests, IT infrastructure, and agency assets. All, in a single platform.

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More satisfaction for citizens,
more efficiency for the administration.

Thanks to the web portal, with Deepser you can collect and organize citizens’ requests by automatically assigning them to the various relevant offices.

The Knowledge Base allows you to simplify the search for information by providing specific procedures for applying for certificates, deeds and grants. In this way you reduce the number of incorrect or incomplete requests.

You can also optimize the IT infrastructure by identifying unused resources or those that need to be replaced and manage all the entity’s assets with a global view.

Lots of features to meet the criteria of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and effectiveness every day.

Deepser is available in Cloud and On Premise.

Deepser: the ITSM software for Public Administration

A portal that connects citizens and public administration.
In every office, technology that simplifies bureaucracy.

Facility management: with Deepser, public administration facility management enters a new era.
IT Department: a software that can keep track of every asset.
Contracts: contract renewals and deadline monitoring so you never lose track.
 Deepser web portal with all your content centralized

What you can do with Deepser
in Public Administration

IT Department

With Deepser you can monitor your hardware and software inventory, contracts, and all infrastructure devices by scheduling any maintenance work.

Facility Management

Deepser helps you efficiently manage and maintain all of your institution’s assets such as buildings, conference rooms, fleets, security devices, and more.

Citizen Services

Through the single web portal you can create an advanced service catalog and enable users and citizens to easily send their requests to the concerned office.

Purchasing Department

Manage demands associated with the institution’s assets and optimize purchases by monitoring due dates and warranties to keep track of all inventory.

Human Resources

Via the dedicated web portal you automate employees’ repetitive actions and receive their requests – such as vacation, leave and certificates – in an organized manner.


You can receive automatic notifications about contract renewals and monitor the service offered by providers, simplifying all tasks related to deadlines and payments.

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