Advanced optimization for industrial processes

To be competitive in the manufacturing industry, it is crucial to increase the efficiency of resources and offer fast and qualified support. Deepser is software capable of managing all processes, integrating seamlessly with ERP and management systems.

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Perfect flows, centralized information, communication with ease.

In an industry like manufacturing where more and more product and service customizations are taking place, Deepser helps you monitor every company asset, deadlines, and remaining service hours in real time, better organizing plant interventions.

In a single portal, you will have all customer and dealer requests. Full visibility of every business performance and maximum collaboration between departments.

Lots of customizable features such as CRM, Contract Management, Knowledge Base and more.

Deepser is available in Cloud and On Premise.

Deepser: the ITSM software for manufacturing.

All processes under control. For so many business functions in manufacturing, the future is smart.

Engineering Department: give your engineering department the great advantage of having all company assets under control at all times.
After-sales: with Deepser, post-sales becomes not only an operational but also a strategic tool for generating more business.
Maintenance: manage periodic and extraordinary maintenance, sharing tasks, deadlines and schedules with your technicians.

What can you do with Deepser
in the manufacturing industry

Engineering Department

You can organize service and maintenance interventions on facilities, assigning priorities and monitoring requests. You can speed up activities with reports created upon interventions.

Transportation and Logistics

Receive customer reports on products and shipments more directly and handle any returns and complaints more proactively.

After Sales

Streamline work with digital management for contracts and interventions. Set the minimum work time duration and provide a complete inventory of spare and machine parts.

Purchasing Department

Optimizing purchases is easy with Deepser because you can smartly manage the demands associated with assets, track deadlines, and keep track of your inventory.

C-suite level & Management

You have a real time overview of assets, contracts, schedules, inventory and every departmental activity with detailed reports where you can identify problems and solutions.


Deepser integrates seamlessly with ERP. Send automatic deadlines and reminders. Manage paid and billed tasks, and communicate with others. business departments is easier.

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