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Is it possible to export our data?

Each grid can be exported from the interface in EXL or CVS format.

Do you do data backups?

Absolutely. All backups are included in the license fee.


Are updates included?

Yes, updates are included in the cost of the license. They are done on a regularly, on a monthly basis.

Can I edit the ticket forms?

Yes, it is possible to edit forms by inserting via graphical interface the desired custom fields.

Pricing and Licenses

Do end users require a license?

End users, referring to those who access the end user portal to submit support requests, do not require a Deepser agent licensing.

Are there discounts for large teams?

Yes. We apply additional discounts based on the number of licenses to be purchased.

Do I have to pay for the customer portal separately?

No, it is included in all licenses.

Support and Guides

Are online guides available?

Yes, the online Academy is accessible free of charge 24/7.

Is it possible to have individual training and consulting sessions?

Yes, upon request you will be assigned an experienced Deepser project manager. They will help you with the configuration by bringing their extensive knowledge and experience working in a variety of industries.

Is customer support included?

Support can be requested by accessing the 24/7 customer portal. Support for configurations, modifications, training, and custom development is managed with packaged support days.
The online Academy can also be accessed 24/7, free of charge. System upgrades, periodic backups and bug fixes are included in the license cost.

Server and Location

Where are servers located?

For European customers, the servers are in Europe, in compliance with European Union laws on GDPR. Servers located in non-EU countries can be used upon request.

Is Deepser an American product?

No, Deepser is an Italian software solution developed entirely in Italy.

Is Deepser also available on premise?

Yes, the choice is yours. The two versions, on premise and in the cloud, have the same features and cost per license.


What about the GDPR?

We are an Italian company and therefore we comply with European privacy laws. All our servers and our customers’ data are protected in compliance with European Union privacy laws and are located on European soil.


Does Deepser have an integration for Azure or Active Directory?

Yes, integration with Azure and Active Directory is native to Deepser.