Dashboard & Report:
the overview you were looking for

Save time and gain performance. With Deepser’s dashboard and reports, you can monitor your teams’ work, create charts, documents, and presentations full of useful and up-to-date information on any activity.

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graphs of Deepser's dashboard and reporting functions

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Data without context is useless.

Having an overview of the current situation is critical to making improvements to your business in the future. By grouping and linking information in one place, you detect trends and recurring events among customers, colleagues, and suppliers. With all this data, you can truly transform your business.

Deepser helps monitor your services.

Dashboard: an analytical view

Deepser shows you an up-to-date overview of your business with graphs based on data and statistics from the service and each individual function.

Take advantage of native charts with key KPIs, all customizable.
Connect Deepser data with your business intelligence systems.
Real-time update, any changes are saved.
Configure viewing permissions for each dashboard.
Deepser's Dashboard to obtain a global view of the situation
Deepser's report graphs to have everything under control

Report: keep everything under control

The report is an important tool both for reporting hours worked and for many other activities where you need a complete view of the service.

With this form you can create a report directly from the ticket for the operator to fill out and instantly share with the client on the portal or via email.

Export data to .XLSX and .CSV for your management system.
Automate reports by choosing recipient and sending frequency.

The Dashboard and
Report modules are included
in the license:





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