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Deepser is a modular IT software that gives you the right tools, at a fair price. It helps you follow up on all the service requests you receive and more. Thanks also to its great usability, migration will be fast, and your colleagues will thank you for it.

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Deepser's help desk showing ticketing system with status, assigned user and ticket priority.

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How you can improve your Customer Service with Deepser’s modules

Service Desk module to help your clients

In the Starter license, you already have access to all of Deepser’s support and Helpdesk features. Thanks to the Service Desk module, these include:

Tracking: the work that was once submerged now becomes
visible and quantifiable.
Categorizations: you can categorize tickets, as well as create subdivisions and groups of all kinds.
Collaboration: when you receive tickets, they can be assigned to those who are in charge, and sort the work more efficiently.
Images: they can be attached to tickets, which makes it much easier to understand and solve the problem.
Customization and flexibility: with the help of our project managers, Deepser will adapt to your logic and needs.
Illustration Service Desk Module Deepser
graphs from Deepser's report feature to have everything under control

Dashboard & Report modules to monitor services

Also in the Starter license, you can find monitoring and reporting features, these include:

Dashboard: with real-time updated data.
Permissions: configurable display for each dashboard.
Integration: connect Deepser data with your business intelligence systems.
Automate reports: just select the recipient and the sending frequency.
Data export: you will be able to export all data in .CSV or Excel formats.

Knowledge Base module to educate your users

In the Plus license, you have access to a knowledge base that collects procedural guides and documentation for your users so you can provide them with instant help. The module includes:

Integrations: documents or guides can be linked to Service Desk tickets or from the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).
Multiple Knowledge Bases: you can have KBs diversified by topic, service or user
Public or private Knowledge Bases: you can create internal ones for colleagues, or external ones for suppliers and customers.
Permissions: configurable display for specific groups.
Illustration Knowledge Base from Deepser
Deepser's Live Chat Widget for your website to communicate with your users

Live Chat module to communicate with all your users

From the Plus license upwards, you have access to the Live Chat via the portal with your clients, and also via the Live Chat widget for your website so you do not miss your users. Features include:

Live Chat for all: you can have an internal chat for colleagues, a chat for the dedicated client portal, and a chat widget for your website.
Channels: you can create as many channels as you want with the users you want, and assign moderators.
Customization: live chat widget customized with your brand colors.
Collaboration: assign requests to the most qualified staff.
File Sharing: send files in real time.
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Choose the right license for your needs.

Deepser Starter and Plus Pricing plans

If you wish to provide a memorable customer service and foster synergy among colleagues, Deepser is the right solution for you, and all is available from the Starter license. If you need the Live Chat, simply upgrade to the Plus license.

Thanks to Deepser, you will be able to streamline workflows so much that other departments in your organization will want to try it too. The good news is that the Starter license already includes many benefits for other departments at the same affordable price.

Do you want to see Deepser in action right away?

Pricing Plans: clear and simple

We offer 3 packages to meet your needs. These are designed for a minimum of 3 agents, i.e. back-end users, not end users.
In addition, we offer discounts for large groups.


To start out

Ticketing system complete & ITIL compliant
Dashboard & Report - Customizable
Calendari integrated with Microsoft 365 & Google Calendar
User Portal
Board Kanban
Task Management
SLA Management
API - unlimited requests

$ 36

per month, per agent billed

Agent refers to those who use Deepser's back-office. For any other user, including team members, it is free.

Discounts for large groups

Best Seller


For growing companies

Everything in Starter
CMDB - Unlimited Assets
CMDB Graph Views
IT Asset Manager
IT Monitoring
Contract Management
Password Manager
Knowledge Base
Live Chat

$ 45

per month, per agent billed

Agent refers to those who use Deepser’s back-office. For any other user, including team members, it is free.

Discounts for large groups


For larger companies

Everything in Plus
Workflows & NoCode/LowCode
Approvals & Stages
Scheduled Maintenance
Sales & Invoicing
Inventory & Warehouses
Project Management & Gantt View
Customer Satisfaction & Surveys

Agent refers to those who use Deepser's back-office. For any other user, including team members, it is free.

Discounts for large groups

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