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What does Deepser offer?

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The company in brief

The university institute offers more than 30 degree, Master and Diploma courses, and more than 100 continuing education courses, characterized by cutting-edge training that combines classic theoretical-scientific education with professional orientation. It pays great attention to research, carried out on projects acquired competitively with large European and national agencies or on mandate from bodies and institutions.


Headquarters: Switzerland
Sector: University education
2.000+ employees and 10.000+ students


University education


Help desk challange
Manage user requests
Manage IT inventory across dispersed locations
Integrate the Service Desk with external IT Asset Management services
Help Desk Solution


Deepser Plus License
Use of Service, ITAM, Workflow, Knowledge Base, User Portal and CMDB modules
API integration with external automation and IT Asset Management systems

Benefits obtained

Deepser has connected IT departments, increasing collaboration and productivity of the entire Information Technology area. Manages requests and assets from departments located in multiple locations, automating workflows. The scalable solution made it possible to extend the functionality and involve other services in the digitalisation of processes, simplifying and speeding up administrative activities.

End users easily get the support they need thanks to the personalized, multilingual self-service portal accessible 24/7. The improved user experience contributes to the institution’s reputation and translates into higher enrollment rates and research funding.


Problem identification

The university used a basic, open source ticketing system to manage IT requests which, in the absence of a dedicated user portal, were activated by email or telephone. He wanted an integrated platform that included, in addition to the help desk, the CMDB and the Knowledge Base.

Needs and objectives

Manage IT requests in a structured and automated way
Adopt a CMDB to manage IT assets in relation to their physical location
Offer users a multilingual self-service portal
Choose a platform with a simple and intuitive user interface
ITSM Service Management

How Deepser met the company’s needs

The university’s IT area initially adopted Deepser’s Service Desk module to manage IT requests from teaching, administrative staff and students. Configured email integration for unregistered users and customized the multilingual user portal that users log in using their domain credentials. In fact, thanks to the integration with the university’s identity provider, users do not have to manage different credentials to access different systems. In the CMDB the IT area manages all IT assets. The physical location of these is also indicated in detail: the university campus, the building and the room.

Each IT department has different access and visibility permissions, so based on the department and the type of service managed, each operator sees the information relating to the services offered by their department, as well as the relevant part of the asset database. The asset inventory acts as a data source from which external IT Asset Management services draw via API. For faster ticket resolution, the Knowledge Base has been implemented. Some articles are also visible in the user portal, to facilitate the self-resolution of some requests. After about a year of use by the IT area, the university extended the use of Deepser to the faculty secretariats to automatically assign student requests to the correct office and manage them in a structured way.


Efficient and automated management of IT support
Complete control of the IT infrastructure and integration with external IT Asset Management systems
Better user experience thanks to the dedicated portal
Simplified access to services thanks to integration with Active Directory
Ticket Helpdesk

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