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Success case for the management of logistics and shipments, contracts and SLAs. An integrated and innovative approach for customer management, anomaly management, automatic measurement of time to respect contractual agreements.

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What does Deepser offer?

Here we list some of the features that have been used to offer our customers the best solution on the market.

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Help Desk Software for Logistic


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The company in brief

The company is an express shipping services broker, present in France, Switzerland and Italy with more than 4000 customers. It works with the best couriers worldwide and acts as a single point of contact for its customers, for whom it identifies the best services and rates for the transport of goods.


Headquarters: Switzerland
Sector: Logistics and shipping
Size: 20 employees


Management of international shipments for companies


Help desk challange
Automate ticket management
Integrate supplier information systems
Have clear and updated reporting available
Help Desk Solution


Deepser Plus License
Integration between the Service, CRM and Customer Portal modules


Thanks to Deepser, the customer support service, made up of only six people, is able to manage around a thousand tickets a day. Deepser, integrated with suppliers’ shipment management processes, automatically analyzes a huge amount of shipments and transforms only those that require attention into tickets.

The system checks shipments dozens of times a day to promptly detect any anomaly. This allows you to adopt a proactive approach in managing customers and their needs.


Problem identification

The company received all requests via email. These were manually assigned to each operator who consulted the information systems of the various suppliers from time to time in order to proceed with verifying the status of the shipment and resolving the ticket.

Needs and goals

Automate and speed up the management of customer support requests
Integrate the new Service Desk solution with supplier shipment management systems
Offer customers a dedicated portal and reporting services to facilitate administrative tasks
ITSM Service Management

How Deepser met the company’s needs

The company has adopted Deepser’s ServiceDesk module and configured email integration, both incoming and outgoing, to manage tickets regarding shipments in progress, requests for offers or general information. Deepser was immediately integrated with the IT systems of the company’s suppliers, such as shipping companies and couriers, and therefore has real-time and always updated information on the delivery status of shipments. Through the Deepser integration, it automatically creates a ticket for all shipments in an abnormal state, allowing the company to focus on the shipment and inform the customer of its progress, before they open a report.

At the same time, Deepser automatically takes no action for all shipments that it evaluates as proceeding correctly. Customers and the company communicate within the ticket, where some updates received through the integration are also automatically inserted, such as the delivery of the package. Customer Service uses Quick Reply for the most frequent responses, further speeding up ticket management. Customers have access to the Customer Portal where they can see all the tickets managed for them and, if necessary, report shipments or anomalies, and send support requests. The company has also created a customized Dashboard to keep track of each customer’s monthly billings, thus always having the volume and value of each account available.


Reduction of ticket acceptance and management times
Better supply chain management
Reduction of support management costs
Better customer service quality
Greater customer satisfaction
Ticket Helpdesk

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