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Success case for the complete management of scheduled maintenance, spare parts and warehouses. An integrated and innovative approach for digitalized workflow management, contract management, warehouses and reporting.

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What does Deepser offer?

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The company in brief

Italian high tech company active in charging services for electric vehicles, through a proprietary infrastructure spread across the territory. It also deals with flexibility services to the national electricity grid by aggregating distributed energy resources, such as energy producers and consumers.


Head office: Milan
Presence: 11 countries
Sector: electric mobility, energy
Size: 1000+ employees


Charging services for electric vehicles
Infrastructure network management
Energy flexibility services


Help desk challange
Manage the widespread development of charging stations and their maintenance
Centralize services and improve collaboration between departments in a single platform
Automate the management of contracts with suppliers and customers
Help Desk Solution


Deepser Enterprise license and integration between the Service, Warehouses, Workflow, CMDB and Contracts modules.
Engage all departments, suppliers and partners in one platform


With Deepser, all information relating to assets and their positions, requests for assistance and maintenance, installations and active contracts are now centralized in a single platform which allows for an always updated and shared view of activities and resources.

Reduction in management times and costs thanks to the implemented automatisms, combined with the accurate measurement of company performance thanks to data organized and available in real time.


Problem Identification

The company managed its services using many different and underperforming tools, such as Excel sheets and emails. It also used a solution that was inflexible to adapt to the changes of a dynamic company and did not allow the data to be structured adequately. There was therefore no centralized solution for shipping devices and managing their maintenance. The absence of an adequate tool led to considerable waste in terms of time and costs.

Needs and goals

Take inventory of charging stations and manage their maintenance efficiently
Centralize services in a single software to manage information in an integrated way and improve communication between departments
Digitalize the management of contracts with suppliers and customers
ITSM Service Management

How Deepser met the company’s needs

Initially the company only managed the charging stations and their shipping process at the warehouses. It carried out a complete census of all company assets, introducing a Database (CMDB) of devices and their locations, with specific data for each installation. With Deepser the company was able to easily and quickly create all the custom fields and interfaces it needed. At a later stage he managed ordinary maintenance by automating the activities and flows with the Workflow module.

Subsequently he integrated maintenance with the management of contracts with suppliers and customers. He then managed the logistics and storage processes of the devices and spare parts. Thanks to custom developments, the company can now report on device design and installation services. The entire company is involved, but users and permissions are managed in a very granular way.


Management times and costs have decreased, thanks to the implemented automatisms
The inventory of assets and all company infrastructure devices is always updated and easily accessible
The management of contracts with suppliers and customers is digitalized and respecting the agreements made is simpler
Real-time data and customized reports allow you to accurately measure company performance
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