Guide to the best help desk software

Help desk software helps customer service teams manage support requests, improving internal and external communication. It is essential to meet growing customer expectations.


Help desk software is a tool that allows customer service teams to manage all incoming support requests. This tool helps customer service agents communicate effectively with key stakeholders, be they external customers or internal staff members.

But why do you need help desk software for your customer support team?

In the history of humanity, customer expectations have never been higher. According to a recent report from Microsoft, more than 50% of customers now say their customer service expectations are even higher than last year.

For any modern business, effective customer care operation is highly dependent on the help desk software used. You can provide your employees with a platform where they can collaborate across divisions, track tickets, and share important information.

For more information on how to choose the best helpdesk software, we recommend reading this article.

Help desk software: what are the main features?

Here are some key features to best choose a help desk software:

Team collaboration

When your company uses help desk management software, different departments within it can see who is working on a specific request. Sometimes resolving a ticket requires input from various individuals, teams, and departments within the organization.

For example, let’s say a customer asks you for updates on the status of their refund. Now, this situation would require your customer support team to work with your administrative department to share the appropriate solution.

In summary:

Help desk management software allows you to track who is working on what, use labels, prioritize tickets, send canned responses, and most importantly, collaborate for faster resolution.

Ticket tracking and monitoring

Solving a customer’s question is extremely important not only to maintain the brand image, but also to develop brand loyalty.

If you approach a company and they fail to update you on the status of an issue, will you decide to go back to them?

With help desk software, your agents can monitor the progress of support tickets in real-time and ensure that customers are regularly updated on the same.

In summary:

Use online help desk software like Deepser and track tickets from the moment a customer asks a question until it is completely resolved.

Reports and analysis

Understanding how your agents behave and how satisfied your customers really are with your service is crucial.

A help desk management system has reporting and analytics capabilities that help you:

● Track total new, evaluated, and open tickets

● Find out the media’s average rating

● Monitor the progress of the support evaluation over time

● Measure response times and procedures

● Define the size and workload of the customer support team

In summary:

With a robust help desk, you can keep track of all your support agents, what they are working on, and the time spent accurately resolving customer concerns and pain points.

Customer feedback

A help desk ticketing system allows business decision makers to capture feedback through customer satisfaction surveys.

Customer service ratings provide valuable insights into agent performance. Customers can rate tickets, chats, and help articles from your knowledge base.

This information helps you pinpoint where agent performance is lacking and you can work to improve customer service.

In summary:

For a well-functioning support process, capturing customer feedback is a best practice. You should send surveys on a periodic basis to understand how to improve your customer support services.

Quick replies and FAQs

When it comes to customer support, one thing everyone expects is immediate resolution. This can get complicated when you have a few agents handling multiple clients.

However, using help desk software can allow your agents to standardize responses to customers’ most frequently asked questions. They can simply use canned responses, i.e. predefined templates, to respond to similar customer requests.

In summary:

Choose a help desk that offers canned responses. This feature makes it really easy for your support agents to respond to customer queries instantly.

Key Features of Help Desk Software

1. Interface

An intuitive, well-designed interface enhances usability, facilitating smooth navigation and efficient troubleshooting.

2. Automation

Automation in help desk software eliminates manual repetition by handling routine tasks such as ticket categorization, assignment, and responses.

3. Customization

Customization allows organizations to tailor the help desk platform to specific workflows and processes. This flexibility ensures that the software aligns perfectly with specific business requirements, improving overall efficiency and adaptability.

4. Privacy and security

Privacy and security features are key in help desk software, safeguarding sensitive customer information and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Robust security measures build user trust and protect against potential threats.

5. User management

User management tools give administrators control over access levels, permissions and roles within the help desk. This feature ensures that team members have the appropriate level of authority, promoting effective collaboration and maintaining security.

6. Reporting

Reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into help desk performance through analytics and metrics. Teams can track key performance indicators, analyze trends, and make data-driven decisions to continuously improve support processes and customer satisfaction.

7. Customer support

Customer support features facilitate effective communication between support agents and customers. This includes ticket tracking tools, real-time chat and knowledge base access, ensuring a positive customer experience through timely and personalized support.

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