Help desk software: how does it work?

Help desk software allows you to effectively manage customer care, improving communication, ticket management and customer satisfaction. Discover its essential features and functionality.

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Regardless of the size and type of a company, customer care is crucial in the pursuit of success, because it is exactly the link between the company and the customer.

It doesn’t matter, whether your company has ten or a thousand customers, assisting buyers effectively and promptly often turns out to be a complicated experience, without the use of software.

Regardless of geographic origin, all customers are similar in what they expect from a brand: they demand precise and timely responses to their requests for assistance.

In other words, Customer Care is fundamental because it represents a basic element for business success and can heavily influence the image, reputation and growth of a business in the long term.

What, then, could be the ideal tool to live up to your customers’ expectations?

The answer is quite simple: cutting-edge help desk software that allows you to take control of all customer support tickets, reducing and optimizing customer care.

In this article we will explore the most important question: “what is help desk software?” and we will analyze its characteristics in detail. Continue reading!

What is help desk software?

A help desk software, also known as service desk software, serves as a single platform to address all internal and external critical issues. The assistance department will thus be able to easily monitor the progress of each ticket, assign priority and urgency levels and interact with customers on the channels they prefer.

The main function of help desk software is to help you resolve customer queries immediately, providing your support team with all the features they need to provide excellent customer service.

Help desk software: what is it for?

Help desk software has evolved over the years to become a modular and extremely versatile tool.

Modern businesses rely heavily on it and leverage it to encourage team collaboration, improve business processes, and streamline workflows.

Help desks that provide internal technical support are key to optimizing business processes. A good help desk can increase productivity by resolving basic issues quickly, while escalating critical issues to the team or individual best qualified to resolve them.

Let’s see below what are the features of help desk software that can benefit your business in the medium and long term.

Help desk software: features and functionalities.

1. Guarantee customer satisfaction

Your customers are always looking for the quickest solution to their problems and hate having to chase after your support team to solve them. By using help desk software you can keep your customers updated on the progress of their tickets right from the start.

Customer satisfaction will increase exponentially, as your customers know they will be able to contact you through any customer service channel and will get a positive experience throughout the process. When your agents have access to the right technology, ensuring customer satisfaction will be a breeze!

2. Improve business operations

Help desk software allows you to simplify and optimize business processes.

Help desk managers and administrators will be able to more effectively monitor contact center operations by viewing and analyzing intuitive insights and graphs.

Based on this data, they can gain valuable insights into the customer experience and make better, more informed decisions.

3. Efficient ticket management

Efficient ticket management is crucial to the success of a modern business; these can be automatically assigned to agents based on their expertise and availability.

This ensures that tickets are managed strategically, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of time and resources.

In addition to ticket assignment, prioritization and ticket management are more profitable through the use of help desk support software. Finally, customer care representatives can easily assign, sort, prioritize and resolve tickets from a single platform.

4. Offer customer service across multiple channels

Modern customers have different tastes and preferences regarding the channels from which they want to receive responses to their support requests (e.g. email, live chat, etc.).

According to a recent statistical survey, 36% of respondents said they prefer email to resolve customer service issues, compared to live chat (12%).

A SaaS help desk software allows agents to address and resolve customer issues raised across different platforms. Support multiple channels such as email, live chat, help center, etc. and helps generate tickets for all possible customer interactions.

5. No more lost or misplaced tickets

When you manually track tickets, things can quickly get out of hand. You have no idea how many times customers contacted you and whether they were completely satisfied with the proposed solution.

Help desk software acts as an IT problem manager, without the operator losing any tickets. Creating tickets for customer interactions ensures that customer care does not waste customer requests.

6. Ensure skills-based routing

Manually assigning tickets to agents can create serious problems for your support team. A single agent may end up with more tickets than their colleagues, or technical issues may be assigned to agents who do not have the necessary technical skills and knowledge.

An intelligent ticketing system ensures that tickets are assigned to agents based on their skills, experience and technical knowledge. Only in this way will already experienced operators be able to carry out more qualified jobs and offer more efficient assistance to customers. Skills-based routing ensures the right ticket always gets to the right agents.

7. Improve scalability

Help desk software must be scalable. This implies that it should be able to handle a large number of tickets, as and when the need arises.

You may currently have a small business with a workforce of 10-15 people, but you will definitely be expanding in the near future. This is the time when you need a help desk customer service tool that can be used by your employees simultaneously.

The use of scalable software allows different teams to collaborate efficiently and customer care to better manage interactions, ensuring that no customer issue is never missed.

8. Easy prioritization of tickets

Operators can close tickets faster by using help desk ticketing software, as it allows them to assign tickets based on priorities.

They can even flag and classify tickets that need special attention. A large number of people can see the ticket when it is assigned to a team or department.

You can also create notes and leave internal comments to speed up the ticket resolution process. Prioritizing tickets ensures that urgent tickets are resolved first and that the impact on customer experience is minimal.

Build customer loyalty with help desk software like Deepser

Good customer support and a pleasant customer experience go a long way in strengthening the value and success of your brand.

This is exactly why it is extremely important to have help desk software that offers all the features typical of this tool.

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to try our help desk software for free, a powerful tool designed to improve the value of your service and strengthen relationships with your customers.

Our free demo gives you access to all the key features of our software, allowing you to experience for yourself how Deepser can transform the way your business handles requests and provides support.

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