The advanced Help Desk software that evolves with your business.

Deepser is the innovative Help Desk & Ticketing software that allows to manage your IT support and customer service in an integrated way.
All in one, multiplied to the nth degree thanks to
a world of scalable functions dedicated to the needs of SMEs and
Software Help Desk

One platform,
infinite potential.

With Deepser you have a single web portal, easy to configure, which offers your organization all the tools to manage processes, information and services.
This way you can eliminate unnecessary phone calls and emails while working on a single tool that can be used by all company departments.
You can make this same portal available to your
customers to provide assistance, track their requests, report delays, service malfunctions or issues with products delivery. You will be able to optimize the service thanks to guides and information material to ease the resolution of requests.
< For your departments: a single user portal, ITIL compliant, with Help Desk, CRM, Password Manager, CMDB and much more.
< More sharing: centralize business operations thanks to a single sharing database and real-time tools to take better decisions.
< For your customers: a single portal
with advanced customer care tools to improve communication during pre-sales and after-sales services.
< More efficiency: provide prompt replies
and improve collaboration among operators and service users.

Your Service Desk has never been so on point.

Assign requests to the right team, automatically set priorities, monitor service levels and categorize every email and information. Thanks to the routing tool, Deepser automates every ticketing function to save you time and money, and to respond to your customers in record time.
In addition, with Deepser you have the Multi-Company functionality to better organize each account, by separating contacts
according to the different offices and branches. You can even enable customers to manage tickets and can communicate with them
through comments and notifications: an innovative approach
to involve them in the value chain of your Customer Care
and streamline teamwork.


Repetitive tasks?
Get rid of them.

Deepser is so advanced that it automates the most time-consuming tasks thanks to the Escalation Rules module. A powerful tool to allow you to focus on the activities that really bring value to your business.
< Is a request about to expire? Set the rule to assign it to the team who can promptly handle it.

< Do you want to notify the customer? Integrate company emails to send personalized reminders.

Accelerate assistance on devices.

Connect to the devices of users or customers directly from Deepser tickets. Native integration with TeamViewer speeds up support and allows you to track and save each session by centralizing the activity from a single tool.
< Easy and quick interventions: automatically send the link for the session from Deepser.

<Don’t lose track of time: always keep an eye on the hours invested in remote assistance.


And this was just a taste.
Next, find out how to track
your performance in real time.


Seeing is believing.
Test us for 14 days.

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