The benefits of using a Service Desk Software for the manufacturing industry

Ensuring efficient production and a complete quality service from production to delivery, while at the same time increasing employee productivity and using high quality equipment is possible with a Service Desk software.

ITSM IT Service Management

Digital transformation is today an opportunity to grow and establish an organization’s competitiveness in the market. However, to keep up with the evolution of technology, companies need to streamline processes and constantly update machineries and devices.

In the manufacturing industry, it is essential to ensure efficient production and a complete quality service from production to delivery, while at the same time increasing employee productivity and using high quality equipment to ensure no breakdowns and malfunctions. All of this must be done by reducing production costs to meet the challenges of the national and international competition.

Having a complete Service Desk Software can help you achieve your business goals and provide the organization with all the tools it needs to manage customer service quickly and efficiently.

Deepser Service Desk is designed to improve an organization’s internal processes and customer service and as such, it is essential to its operation. In fact, Deepser manages all business processes and enables the Digital Transformation quickly and easily, involving different departments and simplifying internal communication, as well as communication with clients and suppliers. With Deepser Service Desk, you can categorize and assign tickets automatically; track and quantify work through real time dashboards and reports; and manage requests with a single tool that can be tailored to your needs.

Our all-in-one ITSM software helps you to monitor your company’s assets at any time and manage support requests, organizing all interventions in the most efficient way. Using a ticketing system, you can manage support by centralizing all requests in one place and send automatic notifications to customers to inform them about the status of their tickets. Moreover, the system provides real-time data to facilitate analysis and reporting and allows full visibility of the company’s performance.

Customers can submit all requests via the self-service portal, where they can find information on the different products and services the company offers. The customer portal is intuitive and fully customizable.

Among its many advantages, Deepser’s Service Desk allows you to:

  1. Organize routine plant maintenance, automatically assigning priorities and creating the tasks required to complete them.
  2. Manage special interventions, involving dedicated teams at the right time. 
  3. Monitor deadlines and optimize purchases by managing requests associated to assets.
  4. Manage inventory, warehouses (including mobile warehouses) and item movements automatically and integrating information with systems already in use within the company.
  5. Digitally manage service contracts and integrate them with the services offered.
  6. Automate business processes and approval flows.
  7. Facilitate communication between departments, but also between the company, clients and suppliers.
  8. Receive customer requests and manage complaints more efficiently. 
  9. Send scheduled reports on the service status of the service.
  10. Set up automatic reminders associated with different entities in the platform.

Keep in mind that it is essential to guarantee a high quality after-sales service. Indeed, this represents an important strategic business activity for customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Adopting a Service Desk software allows you to generate more business by optimizing and automating after-sales management processes. It also ensures compliance with contractual agreements and the tracking of assurances and deadlines, which benefits the company’s turnover. By managing and simplifying service desk processes, it will be easier to increase the organization’s productivity. 

To conclude, Deepser is a customizable complete Service Desk solution that allows you to achieve your business goals by adapting to any type of manufacturing company and bringing considerable benefits.

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