What is Facility Management and how to improve it

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Let’s find out what Facility Management is

Decentralized requests

It is crucial, therefore:

  • Efficiently schedule your technicians’ deployments, providing daily, route-based scheduling at the lowest cost.

  • Have a means of monitoring the reporting and efficiency of their technicians who routinely perform work off-site.

Documented periodic activities

Facility Management requires constant planning, which can lead to a loss of focus on budgeting activities:

  • Coordinate repair or maintenance work in a timely manner and guard against customer complaints.

  • Meet legal maintenance obligations, which must be met and documented by appropriate means (as also reported in the Consolidated Law on safety in the workplace).

The Right Move: An IT Tool for Facility Management

  • Control: the activities are planned by the head office under the supervision of the service manager, who always has a complete view of the interventions and the time spent to conclude them

  • Priority and organization: requests are processed starting from the most urgent, without discretion from the technician or the requesting customer, reducing the costs of extraordinary activities.

  • Transparency in relationships: having certain data (collected independently by the information system adopted) is essential to build a relationship of trust with the customer and not be at the mercy of his complaints.

  • Staff training and standards: A centralized tool allows you to publish manuals and procedures to hold staff accountable, giving access to ongoing training and providing shared standards (e.g., an electronic reporting procedure).

Characteristics of the chosen instrument

When choosing a Facility Management tool, I recommend that you check out these important features:

  • Centralization: the tool must always be usable from the head office, which organizes the activities, plans the interventions on the territory and controls the outcome.

  • Easy: Recording tasks easily is a key feature for technicians working offsite to be consistent in their use.

  • Shared: The tool must be shared with the client. It is also possible to propose such a tool to one’s own clients, involving them in the choice and sharing the licensing costs, motivating them to improve their service in a short time.

What do I get if I adopt a Facility Management Tool?

The results that can be obtained by adopting a tool of this type will amaze you, summarizing them in 3 points, you can immediately:

  • Plan maintenance easily and safely

  • Empower staff and put you in a position to work better and with less stress

  • Provide firm data. Get the bargaining power you need to establish economic terms with your client

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