How to simplify the resolution of requests for intervention and assistance with ticket management software. The article talks about the most used terminologies, the most useful features and the main benefits.

What do we mean by ticketing system

Before talking about features and advantages, let’s see what a ticketing system is.
With this terminology we refer to a software for the management of requests or specifically for customer tickets, a very important tool to better organize all support requests. Monitor, assign priorities, manage the relationship with the customer in the sales and after-sales phase, automate everything in a single tool. The goal is to simplify tasks and support activities, optimizing time and costs.

How does a ticket management software work

When we talk about ticket management systems, we are referring to a part that most help desk software on the market today offer. A ticketing system collects in an automatic or semi-automatic way all the information included in the tickets, such as status, category, object, number, origin, and groups them under requester account when it recognizes the identifying information.
Once the data has been collected, a ticketing system organizes them in a single interface, to allow to supervise activities, organize them and respond more quickly to requests.

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What is Trouble Ticketing

Trouble ticketing literally means a request for assistance. Some synonyms are issue tracking system (ITS), trouble ticket system, support ticket, request management or incident ticket system.
In fact, we are talking about requests for assistance, support or maintenance.
Software that allows to manage this type of requests are usually defined as trouble ticketing systems and their aim is making the ticket resolution process more efficient, reducing assistance times and consequently management costs. This is also possible through the use of trouble ticketing software that direct tickets automatically to the appropriate internal team or department, be it IT or Technical, to speed up all the steps necessary to close the ticket. In practice, trouble ticketing systems are a subtype of ticketing systems.

Why use a ticketing platform

Let’s see some of the advantages of implementing a ticket management software. Here are the main ones:

improving customer relationship during sales and after-sales phases;
measuring support activities to indentify areas of improvement;
reducing the possibility of errors and resolution times;
collecting all the information necessary for support in a single tool;
speeding up responses and internal management work thanks to automatisms.

In general, we can say that this allows an improvement both in the quality of the service and in the work itself.

How to choose the best tool for your business

Once you understand the benefits of this type of solution, it is essential to understand which criteria to use in choosing the software. Here are some essential requirements you should evaluate to find the best ticketing system for your company:

– automation workflow to simplify processes and reduce possible manual errors
– customization, choose a highly customizable software to be able to respond to your changing business needs
sla management establish precise rules to monitor service efficiency
– speed of implementation and use to optimize time and costs
reporting functionality to have everything under control and to improve performance
– support and training, choose a supplier who offers dedicated support to learn how to best use the product, preferably in your own language.

These are some criteria to keep in mind when choosing a ticketing system but the absolute best advice to find the perfect solution is another. Which one? Testing it.

Try a ticketing system, for free.

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