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10 good reasons to use a CRM solution

What problems can a CRM software solve? What benefits can it bring? What are the main aspects in choosing the most suitable tool for your business?

What is a Customer Portal?

What is the correct definition of customer portal? What are the most common features? What type of features do they usually offer? Why is it a cost-effective solution for companies? With this article, we will try to give an exhaustive answer to all the above questions.

The 10 best Help Desk Software 2022

What is a Help Desk software? What are the different types? How to choose the most functional service for your company’s needs? What are the best 2022 Help Desk software.

Everything you need to know about ticketing systems

How to simplify the resolution of requests for intervention and assistance with ticket management software. The article talks about the most used terminologies, the most useful features and the main benefits.

How to choose a Service Desk Software

Choosing a software to manage customer care is not easy, especially if this choice will affect for the next few years the way your team works. Introducing a new software is a crucial step; in some cases, it can lead to nasty surprises if you realize too late that it’s not the right product.

Efficient Service Desk: where to start?

Implementing an efficient and well-structured service is a fundamental step for companies that deal with customers on a daily basis.

In this article, we are not only addressing companies in the services or trade sector: in fact, your colleague who requires an internal service can also be your “customer”.
It is important to remember that every business always has its customer.