Cloud Service Desk Software: Why choose it

What are the main differences between a cloud Service Desk software and an on-premise one. Why are many companies moving towards cloud solutions?


What is Service Desk software?

Service Desk software is an IT platform created to manage and optimize IT service delivery processes within an organization. The Service Desk serves as the central point for service requests management, incident resolution, problem, change and IT asset management.

The main goal of service desk software is to improve operational efficiency by providing a centralized interface for managing service requests and resolving issues. This ensures that end users receive timely assistance and that IT processes are managed in compliance with company standards, guaranteeing the quality of services offered.

It is an essential tool in medium and large companies, as they benefit numerous advantages from its use.

How to choose the most suitable Service Desk software for your company?

Choosing the right Service Desk software can be complex and it can take a long time to collect all the information needed for the selection. It is a strategic decision that involves multiple departments, and it has effects on suppliers, customers and partners, therefore it must be addressed with due importance.

To make an informed decision, you should:

  1. Understand your organization’s needs.
  2. Involve those who will use the software and those affected by the processes that will be managed.
  3. Evaluate whether the solution has an intuitive and easy to navigate user interface.
  4. Make sure the software can adapt to the specific needs of your organization and is customizable.
  5. Check if it is possible to easily integrate it with the systems already used in the company, be they the ERP, CRM, monitoring software, etc.
  6. Consider scalability so it can grow with your organization without big investments.
  7. Make sure the software offers security measures, including access control, data encryption and compliance with industry regulations.
  8. Analyze the overall costs and the licensing model.
  9. Evaluate the quality of the support offered and whether detailed documentation is available.

Cloud or On Premise Service Desk?

Choosing between a cloud and an on-premise solution depends on the specific needs of your organization. The choice is influenced by available budget, infrastructure already present in the company, human resources responsible for its maintenance, need to integrate the solution with other systems in use and to guarantee data security.

If you choose a cloud installation your company relies on a cloud provider to manage the infrastructure necessary to run the software. On-Premise, on the other hand, means that the software is installed directly on the company’s servers.
Let’s see what the most significant differences are between the two types of installation:

Software and data are hosted on remote servers, usually owned by a cloud provider.Software and data are hosted and managed locally, within your organization’s IT infrastructure.
Usually based on a “pay-as-you-go” or subscription payment model, reducing upfront costs. Your company only pays for the resources used.It requires significant initial investments to purchase hardware, software and possibly licenses. Costs are often capitalized.
Accessible anywhere with an Internet connection, improving flexibility and mobility.
Software access is limited to the corporate network or requires complex remote access solutions.
Scalability is often faster and more flexible, allowing your business to easily adapt resources to changing needs.
Scaling may require additional investments in hardware and software, resulting in longer implementation times.
Security is the responsibility of the cloud provider. Cloud providers invest in robust security measures. Trust in the service provider and its infrastructure is essentialYour company has more control over the security of the infrastructure but it is responsible for its implementation and management.
Availability and reliability depend on cloud service providers, who often offer high service levels (SLAs).
Availability and reliability depend on the quality of the infrastructure and management practices adopted internally.

What are the advantages of cloud Service Desk solutions?

Using cloud Service Desk software offers you several advantages over traditional on-premise solutions. Among the main advantages we can mention:

  • Cost reduction: Your company avoids the high initial costs associated with purchasing hardware and software and you face no costs of managing and maintaining the necessary infrastructure. In addition, cloud service desk software usually offers usage-based pricing (UBP).
  • Reduced implementation times: cloud service desk software allows you to be up and running in no time. This allows your company to quickly benefit from the platform’s features.
  • Accessible anywhere: with a cloud service desk software your users can access the solution wherever they are, given that they have an internet access. It is an ideal solution for geographically distributed teams and for those who often work remote.
  • Software updates are automatic: Updates are managed automatically by the service provider. This means your users always benefit from the latest features and security patches without the need to manually install updates. One less worry for your IT team!
  • Greater security: Cloud service providers, given the nature of their business, invest significantly in data security and make regular updates to their infrastructure to address new threats. Furthermore, they are subject to increasingly stringent security requirements.
  • Flexibility and scalability: with cloud service desk software it is easier to adapt the Service Desk capacity to constantly evolving business needs. And you can do it without having to invest in additional hardware or worry about space limitations.

Deepser Service Desk is a complete platform available both cloud and on premise. Features available to you are the same, whether you decide to opt for a cloud or local installation. The choice is yours! And our team will be able to support you in the implementation and configuration of your service desk.

With Deepser, you manage processes of the IT, customer support, logistics, HR department and much more. All business areas can collaborate easily with Deepser and benefit from its use. Digitalizing and automating the management of internal and external services allows you to optimize workflows and the use of resources, increasing productivity while reducing costs.

If you would like to find out more, contact us! We are always available for an introductory chat to understand your organization and needs. You can email sales [at] or activate a demo now.

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