Deepser at MSP Day 2024: the event for Managed Service Providers 

Come and discover Deepser at the MSP Day event on 6 and 7 June 2024 in Riccione. For MSPs, this is an opportunity not to be missed to get to know firsthand the best vendors in the sector.

An unmissable event for all professionals in the IT sector will be held in Riccione on 6 and 7 June: it’s MSP Day! 

MSP Day is the reference event in Italy for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). In this context, Deepser is proud to announce its participation as a sponsor and exhibitor, offering a special focus on our Help Desk software, essential for enhancing and optimizing managed IT services. 

MSP Day is growth 

MSP Day represents a unique event in Italy for IT sector operators, offering multiple opportunities for networking, learning and updating on the latest technological innovations dedicated to managed IT service providers. The event attracts hundreds of professionals every year, eager to discover innovative solutions, to interact with industry experts and to find concrete answers to the daily challenges of their business. 

Why Visit the MSP Day? 

1. Discover Innovative Solutions: 

You will be able to come into contact with the solutions that will allow you to provide new managed IT services and meet the vendors in person. Among these, we will not be missing! 

As a sponsor and exhibitor, Deepser will be present with its team ready to show you the advanced features and benefits of our Help Desk software, essential for every MSP. 

2. High Level Networking: 

You will meet other MSP professionals with whom you can exchange ideas, experiences and best practices. It’s the perfect opportunity to expand your professional network and find new business opportunities. 

3. Professional Update: 

With workshops, seminars and presentations on the latest trends and technologies in managed IT services, MSP Day is a valuable resource for staying current and competitive. 

You will be able to participate in our exclusive presentation entitled “THE HELP DESK FOR MSP: DEEPSER! The engine of your business.” 

The core of every MSP company is the help desk software, which acts as a bridge between suppliers and customers. 

Together we will explore Deepser, our Help Desk software for MSPs that offers you a wide range of dedicated features, including ticketing, contract management, CMDB, intervention reports, deadlines, projects, scheduled maintenance, CRM, and invoicing. 

In just 20 minutes you will have a privileged window into the Deepser world; we will see the processes you can manage and automate with our help desk software, and we will delve into the benefits it brings to your company. 

What Help Desk features are must-haves for MSPs? 

Advanced Ticketing: 

Effectively manage support requests, monitor ticket status in real time and improve your customer satisfaction with a fast and reliable response system. 

Contract Management: 

Track all contract details in an organized manner, ensuring compliance with agreements and accurate invoicing of services provided. 

Integrated CMDB: 

Centralize information on IT assets and more, facilitating resource management and intervention planning. 

Intervention Reports and Deadlines: 

Optimize reporting and monitor upcoming deadlines to keep everything under control and reduce downtime. 

Project Management and Scheduled Maintenance: 

Plan and track projects with ease, ensuring that every aspect of maintenance is managed promptly and accurately. 

Integrated CRM and Invoicing: 

Accelerate your sales and invoicing processes with integrated tools that simplify your customer management and billing cycle. 

The Benefits of Deepser for Managed Service Providers 

Adopting Deepser as a Help Desk solution allows you to automate complex processes, saving time and resources. With complete visibility into request and resource management, you can increase operational efficiency, improve customer response, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction. Additionally, the ease of deployment and scalability of Deepser help desk software make it suitable for MSPs of all sizes. 


Attending MSP Day is not only an opportunity to learn and grow professionally, but it is also a chance to discover how Deepser can revolutionize your approach to managed IT services. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our stand, meet our team and find out in detail how we can help you increase your business. 

Mark your participation in MSP DAY in your diary!
When: 6 and 7 June 2024
Where: Pala Riccione, Via Virgilio 17, 47838 Riccione (RN)
Entrance is free.

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