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Companies involved in logistics, transportation and shipping face increasingly complex dynamics, with many variables and unforeseen events just around the corner. Digitizing processes with Deepser simplifies and speeds them up.

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Your Customer Care, fleet, and order receiving process will get a boost.

Deepser helps you keep track of fleet inventory, maintenance to be performed, reporting, and your carriers punctuality.

Every task is scheduled on a shared calendar, and you can process requests and orders according to priority, and act promptly to reschedule routes in case of emergencies.

All customer reports are collected on a single portal by tracking periodic requests by seasonality, with reports on shipments and facilitated communication between all business departments.

Deepser is available in Cloud and On Premise.

Deepser: the ITSM software for Transportation and Logistics

With Deepser, each of your business departments is set on the
road to high performance.

Fleet Organization: a tool that integrates seamlessly with your management systems, including warehouse management systems.
Customer care: managing shipments has never been easier, communicate quickly with your tools, including your own CRM.

What you can do with Deepser in Transportation and Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

From vehicles to maintenance, to product customer reports and returns or complaints handling. With Deepser, your transportation and logistics department are always under control.

Customer Care

Managing inquiries about shipping is much easier because you can collect all customer requests in one portal and provide a Knowledge Base with frequently asked questions.

Customer Support

Collect reports in a single portal, provide a Knowledge Base with frequently asked questions, and share procedures for delivering support with customers.

Purchasing Department

Manage requests associated with shipments and optimize purchases of equipment and services. Monitor contract and agreement deadlines and control your fleet in real time.

C-Suite level & Management

Get automatic reports on services delivered and have a complete view of business trends, so you can act promptly on the variables that really make a difference.


Deepser helps you check shipping deadlines by sending automatic reminders. Simplify communication with sales agents.

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