How to Improve your Sales with a CRM Software

Having a CRM software within one's organization is now essential for large companies with a big databse of customers but also for small and medium-sized companies.

Having a CRM software within one’s organization is now essential for large companies with a big databse of customers but also for small and medium-sized companies. When we talk about CRM software, we refer to a tool that makes Customer Relation Management more efficient and turns contacts into business opportunities.

Deepser’s CRM software is developed to streamline work in your company by collecting and managing data and customer interactions in a single platform. The CRM software is easy and intuitive: it operates according to the real needs of sales agents with the aim of increasing the profitability of the company’s sales force.

Let’s look at the main benefits of using a CRM software:

Shared information
Thanks to the shared CRM, all company members can access information to monitor their own performance and the different steps of the sales process. Your team will be able to:

  • Easily track and manage opportunities, tasks and contracts
  • Segment contacts
  • Create and share boards, ideas and customer information
  • Schedule sales and follow-up activities
  • Easily communicate with colleagues on the status of requests

Work will be more flexible and faster, achieving instant benefits: firstly, saving time and directing the sales strategy to the hottest audience, avoiding wasting time with customers not ready to buy. You will focus on real business opportunities and reduce counter-productive behavior that potentially impacts your entire business.

Contact segmentation
Every customer is unique and needs a different sales strategy, even if they are buying the same product or service. This involves a lot of effort, which doesn’t always bring the expected results. 
Using a CRM software, all customer information, such as their contact details, the services they have access to, the conversations or emails exchanged with customer service, are registered in the software, categorized in an orderly way and easily accessible by the entire team. 

The sales department’s work will be improved considerably, as it can collect data and information from contacts and categorize them according to different metrics: customer type, access channel, offer size, budget and more. This makes it possible to identify the hottest leads to focus on and make targeted offers to them.

Monitoring the sales process
CRM software stores data that will help you identify the most effective sales behaviors to follow. Indeed, having control of your sales process is essential for testing new strategies and developing your business efficiently. You can monitor any activity with such a tool:

  • Keeping track of your contacts’ purchasing information
  • Creating quotations and present customized offers to customers
  • Managing follow-ups, with automated notifications and reminders
  • Viewing documentation shared with the customer

Every day a company shares documents and files with its customers, so it is essential to have a suitable solution to be able to do this safely and keep track of what has been shared. Moreover, Deepser CRM software integrates with Office 365 and Google Calendar to provide a global view of scheduled activities.

Sales forecasting
Increasing sales is the main goal of most companies, but this requires a detailed analysis process. One of the functions of CRM software is therefore to provide specific reports and sales forecasts. These tools make it possible to effectively qualify leads and to plan out spending areas and activities.To increase sales, it is necessary to monitor the progress of each project through flexible and customizable CRM software such as Deepser.

Upselling and cross-selling Opportunities 
Upselling and cross-selling are sales strategies by which a vendor invites his customer to purchase product upgrades, higher-end products, or other add-ons, increasing profits and generating greater customer satisfaction. These strategies can be implemented both during the sale itself and in the post-purchase phase. This is where CRM software comes in, showing us clearly which products or services, the customer has already purchased and suggesting which of our company’s services are better suited to the his/her needs, based on their history and the information we have. So, once a purchase has been made, you can use the purchase history to offer related products.

Data analysis
Doing analysis and statistics is one of the most crucial moments for the company as the resulting data influences the decision-making process. If used correctly, CRM software can offer a competitive advantage over competitors in the market, as it allows the company to identify new opportunities and optimize results.
Deepser CRM software analyzes a large flow of data and then quickly returns it organized to its users.
Companies using modern CRM software can:

  • Collect and analyze large amounts of data on prospects, leads and customers, tracking every interaction
  • Have a historical overview of sales trends and purchasing behavior
  • Identify business opportunities
  • Improve customer relationships and forecast future trends

Cooperation between different areas of the company
Having a CRM software not only helps communication with customers, but also communication within company’s departments. In fact, a good communication between different areas of the business brings greater profits and a widespread corporate welfare. Those with access to Deepser CRM software can recover data and share information between departments. 
The same customer can be followed by more than one collaborator efficiently. All data is stored within the same platform and anyone who has access to it can use it, according to customizable visibility permissions. This allows you to save time by sharing information within the CRM software and avoiding repetitive tasks that can easily be automated.

All these factors define the state of customer satisfaction, which is essential for a company. The more satisfied customers are, the more they will trust and be inclined to do further business with you. The adoption of a modern CRM software represents a turning point in sales and enables the optimization of an organization’s internal and external processes. 

Deepser CRM software can help you make the most of the values of your products and services, but also the value of your company’s employees, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

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