Organizing transport: advantages of using a software solution

Service Desk for Logistics


A transport company deals with many variables when organizing its requests. Some of them are pretty complex, making the task a difficult one for managers.
The good news is that the development of the web and mobile access brought to the creation of new and powerful tools for transport management. Let’s see some advantages that derive from their use.


The use of an automated software for the management of transport requests allows you to:

  • Easily plan on a shared calendar, eliminating paper and allowing a daily scheduling based on routes at a lower cost.
  • Have a tool to control reporting and efficiency of transporters who carry out off-site activities.
  • Act promptly to reschedule and manage emergencies.


The optimization of your transport service starts from some basic rules aimed at reducing cost. Thanks to an IT tool, which could be integrated with GPS systems on vehicles, it is possible to:

  • Reduce shipping delays: remotely organize the routes to be traveled and deal with unforeseen events in a pro-active way.
  • Reduce driving in vain: inform the carrier of any “program changes” or promptly communicate route changes to the customer.


One of the most important aspects of digitalization for the transportation world is a faster and better communication system.
It is unthinkable, from the user’s point of view, that a logistics company is not efficient in terms of communication. With the adoption of a centralized tool you can get:

  • Real-time notifications: transport and deliveries are notified in real time to your customers. Any delays are promptly communicated to the counterpart, who can communicate transparently with our service.
  • Priority and organization: requests are processed starting from the most urgent one, without discretion on the part of the driver or the requesting customer, thus reducing the costs of unexpected activities
  • Transparency in relationships: having reliable data (collected independently by the information system adopted) is essential for building a relationship of trust with the customer and not being at the mercy of his disputes.

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