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10 good reasons to use a CRM solution

What problems can a CRM software solve? What benefits can it bring? What are the main aspects in choosing the most suitable tool for your business?

The 10 best Help Desk Software 2022

What is a Help Desk software? What are the different types? How to choose the most functional service for your company’s needs? What are the best 2022 Help Desk software.

Customer care 4.0

Managing a customer care service is not as easy as we may think and a customer care manager can sometimes find herself full of doubts and questions to which she cannot give a timely answer.
In this article we will analyze some of them to see how to face this important challenge in the “4.0” era.

How to optimize business processes with workflow

What is a workflow solution? How many types of workflows are there? What are their characteristics?
Let’s proceed in order and start with a simple definition.
When we talk about workflow software we are referring to a tool for managing workflows, capable of activating automated activities.